Enlightenment and nationalist revolutions

  • Montesquieu publishes

    Montesquieu the book on the spirit of the laws, where he expressed his views on the enlightenment. he beleived in the seperation of powers.
  • America declares independence

    America declares independence from the brittish.
  • French Revolution

    The people of France overthrow their king.
  • Napoleon Overthrows the diriectory through a coup de etat

    Napoleon Overthrows the diriectory through a coup de etat, which is a blow to the state. The people voted for him to become a member of the console.
  • Napoleon: EMPEROR

    Napoleon crowns himself emperor of france. Begins to conquer the rest of Europe.
  • Haiti is Free

    Hatii has a revolution and declares itself independent from france.
  • Padre Hidalgo calls for mexican Independence

    Padre Hidalgo Rings the bell in the cry of Dolores and starts the mexican revolution.
  • Napoleon Defeated

    Napoleon is defeated for the first time in the battle of waterloo.