KPK 9B History of the British Isles

Timeline created by GreteEmmaSofia
  • 6,000 BCE

    Britain becomes an island

    The ice has started to melt and the land bridge connecting Britain to Europe is covered by water and Britain becomes an island.
  • -400 BCE

    The Celts' invasion

  • -55 BCE

    Julius Caesar's raids

    Two raids across the English Channel, defeated the Celtic tribes, were forced to withdraw the soldiers because of a rebellion
  • 43

    Roman invasion

    Occupied Britain for almost four centuries, celts had to pay tribute and heavy taxes, advanced civilization, christianity
  • 122

    Hadrian's Wall

    Romans had problems with the unconquered native tribes of the far north, so they built the Hadrian's Wall.
  • 410

    Roman forces' withdrawal

    Soldiers had toto go back to Rome to protect the city, this ended the Roman period in England.
  • 787

    Vikings invasion

    Mercilessly raided and pillaged coastal towns.
  • 800

    The conquering of the Anglosaxon kingdoms

    Danish Vikings conquered all the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms except Wessex
  • 886

    Alfred the great defeats the Vikings

    A treaty-the Danelaw was signed between the king of Wessex and Danish king Guthrum.
  • 900

    Reconquering the Danelaw

    The Viking attacks resumed and Canute became the king of England
  • 1066

    Battle of Hastings

    Norman Duke William defeated the Saxon king Harold and became the king of England.
  • 1168

    Oxford is founded

  • 1300

    Middle English is formed

    Norman-French and Anglo-Saxon German formed language called Middle English.
  • Period:
    6,000 BCE

    Prehistoric Britain

    Britain became an island, the Iberians, the Celts, the tribe Brythons, Celtic language and cruel religion.
  • Period:
    3,000 BCE
    2,000 BCE

    The Iberians

    They lived in limestone caves, used stone axes and fashioned antlers and bones into leather-working tools.
  • Period:

    Roman period

    Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius, Roman occupation, Hadrian's Wall, Christianity, the withdrawal of Roman forces
  • Period:

    Early medieval

    Viking attacks, the Danelaw,
  • Period:

    Late Medieval