Engineering Research Timeline

By Le Xin
  • Brainstorming and create website

    Today is where we brainstorm our ideas, create a poplet mind map, as well as creating the website from google site for our research.. In the end of the class, we have distributed our job specificaly. Discussing for the suitable design for our website. Discuss the suitable idea to out into the poplet by using PBL system. Arguing the suitable research to support our topic.
  • Gathering information

    We all did our individual response to the driving questions, amended evaluation questions into our survey then embeded it onto our website, made some changes to our website. and justified the use of artefacts (pictures, videos, etc) in our website.
  • Evaluation

    Edit something into our website. Create a survey website for our classmate to evaluate about our website.Analyse the question for being ask in the evaluation checklist which for further improvements.From the evaluation checklist, improving the website that we created..
    Putting more information for the specific topic or question into our website.Analyse and discuss to redo the evaluation checklist to meet up with the purpose. Today, we all did our individual response to the driving questions,
  • Discussion of Justification response.

    The group decided to take the initiative of discussing the justification of the use of artefacts in our website. We discussed this on Facebook and WhatsApp. Plus, we were able to find some time to discuss even though today was Hari Raya.
  • Presentation Day

    We do some finishing touches on the website. Then, we present to the whole class about our research and the website we created.