Ene's Timeline

By EneC
  • Born!

    At St. Anthony's Hospital in Denver.
  • First tooth

    Crying like a baby!
  • First words

    My first words were Mom and Dad.
  • First steps

    Got the hang of walking!
  • Using my hands

    Learning how to color and draw.
  • School

    First day of school!
  • First Fieldtrip

    Went to the farm and picked out a pumpkin.
  • Learning

    Learning how to add and subtract!
  • Art

    Won my first award for art.
  • My first bike

    Leaned how to ride a bike without training wheels.
  • Dentist

    First appointment and wost!
  • Continuing

    Leaving elementry school.
  • Soccer

    First game
  • Vacation

    The beaches of Cancun Mexico.
  • Middle School

    Last year
  • CEC

    Got accepted into CEC!
  • Roadtrip

    Went to New Mexico and Texas.
  • Sophmore year

    Made it without quitting!