Empresario Time Line

  • Victoria

    Martin de Leon was granted permission in 1824 to establish a settlement called Nuestra De Gaudalupe De Victoria, later shortened to Victoria following the Texas Independence.
  • San Felipe

    San Felipe
    Founded in 1823 by Stephen F. Austin, San Felipe de Austin served as the capital for the colony Austin established in Mexican-owned Texas.
  • Gonzales

    Gonzales was established in 1825 to be the capital of a new colony of 400 families granted by the Mexican government to Empresario Green DeWitt.
  • Little Colony

    Little Colony
    In 1827 Stephen F. Austin received permission to settle his "Little Colony," 100 pioneer families, along the east bank of the Colorado River where a new town, Bastrop, was platted in 1832.
  • Refugio

    Refugio was established in 1828 when empresarios, James Power and James Hewetson, received a contract from Mexico to settle three hundred Irish colonists in Refugio County.
  • San Patricio

    San Patricio
    San Patricio, Texas was founded in 1829 by the empresarios James McGloin and John McMullenqv after they received permission from the Mexican government on August 16, 1828, to settle 200 Irish Catholic families in Texas