Eli Whitney

  • Born

    Eli Whitney Jr. was born in Westborough, Massachusetts to Eli Whitney and Elizabeth Fay.
  • Period: to

    Important days in Eli Whitney's Life

  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War

    when he was 14, Whitney manufactured and sold nails, which were rare at the time.
  • Acceptence to Yale College

    Eli attended Yale College- now called Yale University
  • Eli Inspired

    First cotton mill in the U.S. which started the cotton industryin the US.This inspired Whitney to invent the cotton gin.
  • Eli Goes South

    Eli Whitney went south to teach and study law
  • Eli notices cotton industry

    When Whitney went to the south, he noticed that cotton was very important. He saw how hard it was to separate the seeds from the cotton
  • Cotton Gin Invented

    Eli Whitney invents a revaloutuionary cotton seperater
  • Eli gets contracted to make 10,000 muskets by the year 1800

    Eli Whitney was asked to make 10,000 muskets for the new United States army.
  • Eli gets married

    He married Henrietta Frances Edwards, who was from Bridgeport, Connecticut and they had three girls and one boy.
  • Eli's Death

    Eli Whitney passes away after a life of fame and different encounters