EAST lab for Animal Aid

By cbriggs
  • First Brainstorm

    I thought of different ideas for which project I wanted to do. My ideas were the following:
    -Animal Abuse Awareness
    -Eco-friendly school project
    -School music/ radio with covers from other artists
    -get more humane societies in the delta
    -homeless shelter volunteering
  • Period: to

    the amount of time it took me to decide what i wanted to do

  • My Decision

    I finally decided on what I wanted to do. I decided to do Animal Aid. Animal Aid, ecspecially dogs, are close to my heart. It is also alot of pepole who look over animal abuse and dogs who need a good home. I also started researching things to get my creative juices flowing.
  • Animal Aid Brainstorm

    My Brainstorm:
    -starting up a humane society/ conjoining with an existing one
    -getting pets home
    -creating a dog calender
    -have a school assembly on animal abuse awareness
    -have other students do a project on their own animal
  • Period: to

    Researching and still unsure of how I wanted to do the project

  • I found a group partner

    Antonia Mallory was doing something along the lines of Animal Aid. We put our heads together and began to come up with our own ideas.
  • Period: to

    Resaerching for ideas

  • Work in progress

    Antonia and I called 2 animal shelters and didn't have much success. One animal shelter, Little Rock Animal Village, and did not get a response. The second animal shelter looked more intruiging. This was called CARE for Animals. this is an acronym for Central Arkansas Rescue Efforts for Animals. Thay had some good volunteering opportunites.
  • New Ideas!

    I finally got new ideas for something that I think would get off the ground.
  • Period: to

    New Goals

    By this Thursday we plan to have a donation box in the front office to benefit an animal shelter in Little Rock.
  • Minor Changes

    We decided that traveling off campus would be over doing things. We bit off a little more than we can chew right now.
  • Period: to

    Goal timespan

    During this time we would have to travel off campus in order to vissit local animal shelters. **there isn't any near by
  • Period: to

    Brainstorm Period

    This week we will be brainstorming and figuring out things and their specifics concerning the NOKILL campaign. I plan to look up different websites and join with local shelters via networking in order to do this.

    This week I want to start a new project. I would like to run a school- wide campaign for not killing animals in shelters that haven't found a home.
  • Period: to


    Trying to figure out if i wanted to continue to work the animal project and to work on a new aspect in east lab
  • Complete

    We have been starting projects for Mr. Forster so my partner and I haven't had a chance to sit down and regroup, but I am more than certain that i want to start on another project. The animal aid project fail due to a lack of advertisement and interest form the student body. No one donated money nor emailed us about donating therefore we couldn't really do anything about that. The NOKILL campaign would have been more of a community interest, but nothing has been done.