Early Communication: How Language Starts

Timeline created by hannahestmn
  • Birth

    Sounds made are vegetative, undifferentiated, and made as part of reflexes. Includes crying, burping, sneezing, or coughing
  • 2 Months Old

    2 Months Old
    Babies can understand that specific cooing indicates pleasure or comfort.
  • 4 Months Old

    4 Months Old
  • 5 Months Old

    5 Months Old
    The baby will start making small sounds. Usually a pattern of one consonant (m) and one vowel (a) so they create the sound "Ma"
  • 6 Months Old

    6 Months Old
    The child begins truly babbling (known as true babbling) where they repeat one syllable of a word, followed by consonant-vowel pairs.
  • 8 Months

    8 Months
    Soon, the baby will start using different types of babbling, like Jargon babbling.
  • 12 Months Old

    12 Months Old
    Baby should be imitating everything around them immediately, called echolalia.
  • 18 Months Old

    18 Months Old
    Congratulations! The baby is now 1 and a half year old! They are using protowords and other types of babbling regularly while also attempting to form full sentences from the 50 words they know.
  • 24 Months Old

    24 Months Old
    As the infant approaches the toddler years, their senses are fully developed.