Dylan's stages and development

  • 1st month

    Masterd Skills (most kids can do) Lifts head when lying on tummy.
    Responds to sound.
    Stares at faces Emerging Skills
    Follows objects brifly with eyes.
    Vocalizes: Oohs and aahs.
    Can see black-and-white patterns. Advanced Skills
    Smiles, Laughs.
    Holds head at 45-degree angle
  • 5th month

    Masterd Skills
    Distinguishes between bold colors.
    Plays with his hands and feet. Emerging Skills
    Reconizes own name.
    Turns toward new sounds.
    Rolls over in both directions. Advanced Skills
    Sits momentarily without support.
    Mouths objects.
    Separation anxiety may begin.
  • 12 months

    Masterd Skills
    Imitates others' activitys.
    Indicates wants with gestures. Emerging Skills
    Takes a few steps.
    Says on word other then "mama" or "dada". Advanced Skills
    Walks Alone.
    Scribbles with a crayon.
    Says two words other then "mama" or "dada"
  • 18 months

    Masterd Skills
    Will "read" board books on his/her own.
    Scribbles well. Emerging Skills
    Strings two words together in phrases.
    Brushes teeth with help.
    Stacks four blocks. Advanced Skills
    Throws a ball overhand.
    Takes toys apart and puts them back together.
    Shows signs of toilet training readiness.
  • 24 months

    Masterd Skills
    Names at least six body parts.
    Half of speach is understandable.
    Makes two-to three-word sentences. Emerging Skills
    Talks about self.
    Arranges things in categories.
    Can walk down stairs. Advanced Skills
    Begins to undestand abstracet concepts(e.g., sooner or later).
    Becomes attuned to gender differences.
    Learns to jump.
  • 30 months

    Mastered Skills
    Brushes teeth with help.
    Washes and dries own hands.
    Draws a vertical line. Emerging skills
    Draws a circle.
    Balences on one foot. Advanced Skills
    Puts on a t-shirt.
    Names one color.
    Names one friend.
  • 36 months

    Masterd Skills
    Describes how two objects are used.
    Uses three to four words in a sentance.
    Names two actions (e.g., skipping, jumping). Emerging Skills
    Hops and skips.
    Follows a two- or three-part command.
    separates fairly easily from parents.
    Rides a tricycle Advanced skills
    Balences on each foor for three seconds.
    .Gets dressed without help.