Digital Timeline Project

By mdobosz
  • I was born

    I became a person.
  • Responsible- Got my first cat

    I got my first cat which means I had to take care of it as if it's a child. This made me responsible.
  • My little sister was born

    My little sister was born which gives me a life long best friend.
  • Commitment- Started Polish School

    I started polish school and have committed to it for years now.
  • Reflective- Moved into my new house

    I knew moving into the new house would be better on our lives so I reflected my past and future to see it'll be better.
  • Disney World

    I remember being super excited to go to Disney for the first time because it was my dream
  • Balanced- All the clubs I did in middle school

    As a middle schooler I was doing a different club each day (before, during & after school) which was hard to balance on top of other personal things.
  • Inquirer- Clarinet in middle school

    In middle school I decided to learn how to play the clarinet.
  • Covid started

    This completely changed my life to the point I still haven't fully recovered from the thought of what happened.
  • Started highschool

    The start of the craziest, best, scariest, and saddest years of my life.
  • Risk Taker- doing hurdles for track

    This was scary to try but I don't regret it because I ended up on varsity.
  • Parents got divorced

    This completely changed my life and no one saw it coming.
  • Hard Working- Job at JollyInn

    I show that I'm hard working by getting a job at a banquet hall.
  • Open Minded- made up with a girl and a guy that I had a conflict with

    I became friends again with this one girl and guy this year that now I cannot imagine not talking to but we squashed our beef and we're close again.
  • Thinker- I realized why some things happen

    My ex and I broke up and I realized that maybe we just weren't meant to be, and that's okay because in the end I'll end up with someone I love anyways.
  • Communicator- I started going to therapy

    Therapy helped me be able to speak about things I can't tell just anyone.
  • Lost my Best Friend

    My best friend and I stopped talking and I still think about it everyday.
  • Met the sweetest boy

    This is my current "boyfriend" and meeting him was unexpected but it was the best thing that has happened.
  • Color Guard Championships

    Shows my practice and commitment to the team.
  • Poland Trip

    Shows my culture and how I care about it.