Developmental Milestones

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    Developmental Milestones

  • 2 Months

    2 Months
    Social: Begins to smile at people
    Language: Turns head towards sounds
    Cognitive: Pays attention to faces
    Movement: Makes smoother movements with arms and legs
  • 4 Months

    4 Months
    Social: Smiles spontaneously, especially at people
    Language: Begins to babble
    Cognitive: Lets you know if he or she is happy or sad
    Physical: Brings hands to mouth
  • 6 Months

    6 Months
    Social and Emotional: Likes to play with others, especially parents
    Language: Responds to sounds by making sounds
    Cognitive: Looks around at things nearby
    Movement: Begins to sit up without support
  • 9 Months

    9 Months
    Social and Emotional: May be afraid of strangers
    Language: Understands "no"
    Cognitive: Puts things in mouth
    Movement: Starts pulling up to stand
  • 1 Year

    1 Year
    Social: Cries when mom and dad leaves
    Language: Responds to simply spoken requests
    Cognitive: Finds hidden things easily
    Movement: May stand alone
  • 18 Months

    18 Months
    Social: May have temper tantrums
    Language: Points to show what they want
    Cognitive: Points to one body part
    Movement: Drinks from a cup
  • 2 Years

    2 Years
    Social: Copies others, especially adults and other kids
    Language: Says sentences with 2-4 words
    Cognitive: Stands on tiptoes
  • 3 Years

    3 Years
    Social: Takes turn in games
    Language: Names a friend
    Cognitive: Turns book pages one at a time
    Movement: Runs easily
  • 4 Years

    4 Years
    Social: Cooperates with with other children
    Language: Tells stores
    Cognitive: Starts to understand time
    Movement: Catches a bounced ball
  • 5 Years

    5 Years
    Social: Wants to please friends
    Language: Tells a simple story using full sentences
    Cognitive: Counts 10 or more things
    Movement: Swings and climbs