Developmental Life Span-Mihir Trivedi

  • Period: to

    First two years of Life

    These were important years for me. I learned to interact with my mom. I also learned early cognitive and psychosocial phase.
  • Period: to

    Kindergarden- Early childhood

    I was in kindergarden during this time period. My mom used to drop and to pick me up from kindergarden.My mom used to teach me nursery rhymes and poems and alphabates. I spent only one year in kindergarden.
  • Period: to

    Primary Schooling (First to Fourth Grade)

    During this period I learned to make new friends. I learned to do some task and also learned how to fulfill it.
  • Biosocial Development- Linguistic

    I began learning the grammer of my mother
    tounge (Gujarati).
  • Psychosocial Development-Friendship

    I made new friend -Raj who was my classmate and helped me to fight one of my enemy.
  • Cognitive Development-Memory test

    I won second prize in annual math quize contest in third grade.
  • Period: to

    Secondary Schooling (Fifth to Seven Grades)

    During these years I developed my athletic abilities, self understandings and logical thoughts.
  • Cognitive Development- Exercise

    I joined Karate class, where I started to do warm up and other stretching exercise at the age of 10.
  • Psychosocial Development- Sacred Thread Ceremony

    I had religous ceremony of sacred thread(Janoi). Sacred thread ceremony is a religious ceremony in Brhamin subcast of Hindu religion. I learned many cultural activities and traditional values of my casts.
  • Biosocial Development-Aneamia

    I was not taking enough food and I was doing more hard work in Karate class and also in school. So, I was not able to pay enough attention towards my health. So, I was diagnosed with an aneamia.
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood- 18 to 40 years

    During this phase, I experienced drastic change in my life. I learned different things at different stages of life.
  • Biosocial development: Smoking cessation

    I stopped smoking on the last day of my college and I decided to never touch again.
  • Cognitive development: Physical Therapy Internship

    I completed Six month rotatory internship of Physical therapy. During this phase, I learned many practical ways to treat patients. I also learned to imply my theoritical knowledge in live scenario.
  • Psychosocial development: Generativity

    I began my life as well employed married man. My wife came today first time after seperation of one and half year from India. 3 months after I started my job which gave me financial stability, I was able to call my wife to stay together with me.
  • Period: to

    Middle Adulthood from 40 years to 65 years

  • Cognitive development: Crystalized intelligence

    I was awarded for extensive research work done in Physiscal Therapy field.
  • Biosocial development: Poor health habits

    I was admitted into rehab to quite alcohol consumption. I started to consume alcohol 2 years ago, due to midlife crisis.
  • Psychosocial development: Midlife crisis.

    I was so depressed and moodless after getting huge loss in private bussiness. But by getting warmth and loving support by my wife and my children, I was able to survive by my self from midlife crisis.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood from 65 years to Death

  • Psychosocial Development: Coping with retirement

    Me and my wife started to reorganize our farmhouse after retiring from work. Our dream was to build a beautiful house in the middle of nourished farm and worked hard to fulfill it.
  • Decline in cognitive function

    This was the first time I realized that I was not able to recall the name of many of my friends who used to study with me in my college days 55 years ago.
  • Biosocial Development

    Despite of my age of 80 years, I participated in an half merathon of health & wellness program and I won 2nd prize.