Developmental Life Span

By megstan
  • Prenatal Deveopment & Birth

    Prenatal Deveopment & Birth
    I was born on May 10th 1991 in Grand Rapids, MI, to Fritz and Patti Stanitzek. I had a twin sister, Natalie, who was born fiften minutes ahead of me on May 9th. We were born three weeks before our due date, but it is common for twins to be born early.
  • Period: to

    1st Two Years

  • 1st Two Years - Biosocial

    1st Two Years - Biosocial
    At almost three months old, I am smiing at my sister in my crib and we are making "cooing" counds to each other. We are recognizing each oher and connecting.
  • 1st Two Years - Cognitive

    1st Two Years - Cognitive
    Around four months old, I was grasping objects with both hands, eating cereal, and rolling over.
  • 1st Two Years - Biosocial/Cognitive

    1st Two Years - Biosocial/Cognitive
    At five months old, I finally found my toes! This demonstrates my developing ability to be aware of what is around me and what is a part of me.
  • 1st Two Years -Cognitive

    1st Two Years -Cognitive
    By the age of 7 and 1/2 months old, I am sitting alone, holding my own bottle, and pulling my self up. I also learn to crawl before my sister, and like to climb on to of her, but not for long!
  • 1st Two Years - Cognitive

    1st Two Years - Cognitive
    I am walking all by myself by the age of eleven months.
  • 1st Two Years - Cognitive

    1st Two Years - Cognitive
    My first word is bubble!
  • 1st Two Years - Psychosocial

    1st Two Years - Psychosocial
    At almost two years old, I start daycare. I had a secure attachment with my mother and never cried when she left. I was perfectly content to play by my self if no one was around.
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    The Play Years 2-6

  • Play Years - Biosocial

    Play Years - Biosocial
    Around this time I startd preschool with my sister Natalie This was a time where we started to develop socially. With the competitiveness between my twin sister and I, we always wante the most and to be first to do anything.
  • Play Years - Cognitive

    Play Years - Cognitive
    Around the time I was five, I began to recognize words in the books we were reading. Reading with my mom was one of my favorite activites.
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    The School Years 7-11

  • Play Years - Psychosocial

    Play Years - Psychosocial
    Growing up, I was always a "mommas girl." I always wanted to be around my mom an she used to call me her "velcro child."
  • Play Years - Psychosocial

    Play Years - Psychosocial
    While I enjoyed school, I was very shy. I was a bookworm who was content to play alone. My win sister on the other hand, was a social butterfly.
  • School Years - Biosocial

    School Years - Biosocial
    During my play years, I really enjoyed school and the summer. During the summer I would play on a soccer team. I had a lot of interaction with kids my own age and developed my teamworking skills.
  • Play Years - Cognitive

    Play Years - Cognitive
    I exxcelled in school and loved learning. In addition, I loved learning and playing instrments. Eventually I will have three instruments that I know how to play.
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    Adolescence 11-18

  • Adolescence - Biosocial

    Adolescence - Biosocial
    Hello puberty! Menarche began within a week of my twin sister.
  • Adolescence - Cognitive

    Adolescence - Cognitive
    By age 14, i have developed more abstrac thinking. I have learned deductive and inductive reasoning which definitly helped me in my advanced math classes which will lead to advanced or honors classes in high school.
  • Adolescence - Psychosocial

    Adolescence - Psychosocial
    I have a great group of friends in high school. I also have my first boyfriend and serious relationship. This relationship will last 3 years and cause me to learn a lot about myself.
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    Emerging Adulthood 18-25

  • Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial

    Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial
    I am beginning my college career at Grand Valley State University. Time to make new friends and have new experiences!
  • Emerging Adulthood - Cognitive

    Emerging Adulthood - Cognitive
    During my second year of college, I really began to reflect on my religious upbringing. I have developed many of my morals and conscious from this, but I discover that I do not quite classify myself as this religion anymore. I begin my journey to decide and define my own spirituality rather than just accept and settle with what I was taught from my 12 years of parochial Catholic schooling.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Psychosocial

    Emerging Adulthood - Psychosocial
    As I am finishing up my education, I have a steady relationship with a longterm boyfriend that will very soon lead to an engagment before I graduate.
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    Adulthood 25-65

  • Adulthood - Cognitive

    Adulthood - Cognitive
    As a physical therapist, I continue to take learn about nd research new advances in my field. I will have some published studies about advances and new teqniques in my field.
  • Adulthood - Psychosocial

    Adulthood - Psychosocial
    While some of my friends are going through divrce, my husband and i decide to renew our marriage vows for our 30th anniversary as a sign of our commitment to nurture our marriage.
  • Adulthood - Biosocial

    Adulthood - Biosocial
    My husband and I are determined to stay in shape because we both have major health risks in our family history. We decide that for my 40th birthday we will run the Riverbank Run Marathon.
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    Late Adulthood

  • Late Adulthood - Biosocial

    Late Adulthood - Biosocial
    I am 72 years old. I have lost some of my hearing, but I continue to take short walks as exercise and I enjoy attending my grandchildren's sporting events.
  • Late Adulthood - Psychosocial

    Late Adulthood - Psychosocial
    I am 75 years old and I like to spend a lot of my time volunteering at my church and local community center. I have also enrolled in an art class, something I have always wanted to do.
  • Late Adulthood - Cognitive

    Late Adulthood - Cognitive
    I am 81 years old. My memory has begun to weaken and I have a lot of difficulty with my short term memory. I am slowing down physically and mentally, but my quality of life is still good and I am enjoying spending time with my family.
  • Death and Dying

    Death and Dying
    I am 85 years old and at the end of my life. I will hopefully die peacefully in my sleep. I will leave a living will that will asure that my family will not inherit any financial burden from my passing.