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    early childhood development

    what is way you remember your parent helping you with your language acquisition?
    to help me develop my language my parent s used the technique of recasting. They usually repeated what I said in a grammatically correct way.
  • Physical Development

    When did you start walking?
    I started walking at about 12 months
  • emotional development

    what was your temperament as an infant?
    may parents would describe as a slow to warm type of infant. As an infant I would switch between happy and joyful to screaming crying wishing minutes
  • Cognitive development

    what type of interest did you have as kid? does this fit in with the research on children concept formation and categorization?
    as a kid i was mostly in to toy cars and superhero action figures; this fits into the research on children concept formation.
  • emotional development

    were you securely attached as a child?
    As an child I would regularly explore my environment by openly exploring stores and play areas.
  • emotional development

    did your temperament change from when your were a child to your early childhood? when i was a child my parents and friends when still describe me as moody person. Instead of crying I would be less sociable and irritable
  • cognitive development

    and experience that made you aware of your cognitive development?
    In elementary school my peers I was mostly seen as one of the "smart kids" according to my peers. Although being called smart by most of my peers I still didn't see myself as that much smarter than most kids, but it gave me confidence in my school work because everybody thought i was smart.
  • Physical development

    Did you enter puberty late or early? Do you think it had any effect on you?
    I entered puberty around the same time as most of my peers. Never feeling left behind or too far ahead. I think this made it easy for me to fit in and make friends as a kid.
  • Physical development

    Physical development
    how often did you get exercise? what type of activities did you do? what were your feelings toward exercise?
    As a child I generally exercised on the regular basis because I was almost almost always playing some type of organized sport. When i did exercise I viewed it as practice or play because I loved playing sports and didn't see it as "exercise"