Development of my track.

  • group decision

    All the people in the band have decided a song that we are going to play.
  • Band pratice

    We started the practice at 3pm.
  • Band practice

    We started the practice at 3:15 pm
  • band practice

    will be having one hour and a half without the track in the background.
  • band practice

    will be practicing the track to the best we can.
  • Final band practice.

    This will be the last practice to make sure that the instruments that we have recorded yet will be to the best that they are able to do.
  • Recording

  • final recording

  • mixing

    I will be mixing the track.
  • mixing

    will do doing more to my track to make it better.
  • hand in

    will be handing in my wark fior what i have done so far.