• Fertilization

    Sperm have fertilized egg and conception is complete and it divide into identical cells
  • Period: to

    Life begain Life ends

  • Period: to

    Pre-Natal Stage

    Conception- Female eggs is fertilized by male sperm.
  • Embryo Form

    Embryo Form
    2 to 8 weeks after conceptoion embyro starts to develope
  • Fetus Development

    Fetus Development
    8 weeks-Nipples and hair follicles begin to form
    23 weeks- Alveoli form in the lungs helps lungs devlopment
    38 weeks- Head hair is now coarse and thickest
  • Period: to

    Childhood Stage

    Childhood- Child goes through many stages of development
  • Motor Skills

    Motor Skills
    Gross motor skills really improve over the year as a 2-year-old's strength and coordination markedly increase.
  • Exploration

    Success in this stage leads to a sense of purpose. Children who try to exert too much power experience disapproval, resulting in a sense of guilt. ages 3-5
  • Industry vs. Inferiority

    Industry vs. Inferiority
    Children going to school need to learn to cope with social and acadimic demands.
  • Period: to

    Adolescent Stage

  • Purberty

    Your main relationships are with your peers, groups, and other people who influence you, along with everybody who was one of your main relations in previous stages.
  • Identity Key

    Identity Key
    Your appearance is becoming more and more important, you are beginning to experience stress, and you are getting more serious about things.
  • Growing Up

    Growing Up
    By this point the individual has endured stress, peer pressure, and inentity conflits. The individual has grown and learned through these stepping stones of life.
  • Period: to

    Adulthood Stage

  • Getting There

    In the modern cultures of many nations, the careers of both spouses or partners frequently must be considered in making job choices.
    The career seaking is one of the stages where there is alot of thought processing.
  • Starting Out

    An individual is concerned with developing the ability to share intimacy, seeking to form relationships and find intimate love. Long-term relationships are formed, and often marriage and children result.
  • End of Adulthood

    Physical performance reaches its peak, and can be known as the healthiest time in ones life. Flexibility begins to decrease.
  • Period: to

    Old Age Stage

  • Vision

    The lens of the eye begin to turn yellow, this effects the way we see colors. The eyes produce less fluid causing the eys to feel dry.
  • Motor Skills Decrease

    Motor Skills Decrease
    Generally, older adults score lower overall on tests of manual dexterity than do younger adults. Older adults may find that their fine motor skills and performance speed decrease in some areas but not in others.
  • Body Processes End

    Body Processes End
    The body ends all functions causing it to shut down.