Cyberbullying Assignment Procedures

  • Creating a Graphic Organizer

    Use Inspiration to create your KWKL questions and title frame..
    What do you KNOW? What do you WANT to know? HOW will you find out? What did you LEARN?
    See "Procedures" section in WebQuest.
  • Create additional frames additional frames under the KWHL frames.

    These frames are used to answer these questions.
  • Answer the question: What do you KNOW?

    In the answer frame under What do you KNOW? say what you know about Cyberbullying
  • Answer the question: What do you WANT to know?

    You will have to add more frames under this heading. The questions that will go in these frames are found in the "Procedures" section of the WebQues, so are tue nine questions to answer and links for research in the WebQuest
  • Answer question: HOW will you find out?

    This answer frame will have the links used in your research. These links are found in the WebQuest.
  • Form collaborative groups

    I will assign you to a group of four. You will use the information you have researched to create a Prezi presentation on Cyberbulling.
  • Create your Prezi

    You will begin to create your Prezi presentation using the information in your answered frames.
  • Present your Prezi

    You will present your Prezi as a group. Each person in the group will present part of the Prezi presentation on Cyberbullying.
  • Evaluations

    I will be evaluating you on your Inspiration graphs and your collaborative efforts in Prezi. See Rubric in the WebQuest.