Cushingberry&Taylor-Tex Rev5th

  • Period: to

    Texas Revolution

    The beginning and end of the Texas Revolution
  • The battle of the Almo

    The Texans and the Mexicans got into a ferch battle in 1835
  • Consulition of 1835

    San Felip chose Branch T. Archer to led the Texans aginst the Mexian Goverment
  • Commanches defeat the Spanish

    Commanches defeat the Spansh in a supentilyMexican attemps to conilize them
  • Santa Anna reaches San Antonio

    Santa Anna is back with his army to beat the Texans in the battle
  • Convention of old Washington

    The insternation of proclaiming the Texas indepent of Mexicans was the magning of the Texas Revolution
  • Texas Declaration of Independence

    Convention of 1836 at Washington in Braeos on march
  • Battle of Almo

    175 years ago some of 200 imagrents died tring to serve are country during the battleof the Almo
  • Goliad Campaign

    The Goliad Campaign refers to a serious of battles of which occured in 1836 as part of the Texas Revolution, which ultimately led to the Glioad Masseraer
  • Coleto, Battle of

    The battle of coleeto, the culimation of the goliad campaign
  • Goliad Massucer

    Mexican army lead by Santa Anna
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle happened on april 21