Creative Russian Revolution

By MosesM
  • Marxist Revolutionaries Split

    Marxist Revolutionaries Split
    Marxist revolutionairs disagree over tactics. Radical Bolsheviks are ready to risk everything, Vladimir Lenin takes leader.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    20,000 workers aproached the winter palace for better workers' rights. Under orders, soldiers fire on the crowd.
  • Attack on Port Arthur

    Attack on Port Arthur
    Japanese attack Port Arhur, the news of the attack sparked civil unrest in Russia.
  • First Duma

    First Duma
    The first Duma (Russian Parliament) meets. They wanted a constitutional monarchy, much like Britain. The Czar dissolved the Duma after 10 weeks.
  • Russia Enters WW1

    Russia Enters WW1
    As Russia entered into WW1, they realized they couldn't handle war costs. Troops were poorly equipted becuase of weekness in Czar rule and military leadership.
  • Revolt in Petrograd

    Revolt in Petrograd
    Women textil workers in Petrograd begin to revolt. Eventually nearly 200,000 workers shouted to end the autocracy and war.
  • Bolsheviks Gain Support

    Bolsheviks Gain Support
    Lenin and Bolsheviks begin to rise to power. People shout "All power to Svoiets!" "Peace, land, and Bread!"
  • German Treaty

    German Treaty
    Russia signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany. This treaty gave up much Russian land. Russian citizens engraged.
  • Civil War Ongoing

    Civil War Ongoing
    Continuos civil war in Russia between Pro-Czar white armies, against a Bolshevik red army comanded by Leon Trotsky.
  • Small Scale Eco-Policy

    Small Scale Eco-Policy
    Policy allowed peasoents to sell crops instead of giving them to the government, business and private ownership begins.
  • USSR Rises

    USSR Rises
    To check nationalism, Russia was divided into self governing republics. Lenin has a stroke in 1922.