Cooperative Work Tranning Terms

  • Corperate Culture

    corperate cultureThe behavior, actions, and values the people in a company or business are expected to follow.
  • Attendence

    Good attendence habbitsBeing present and working at a specified time and place.
  • punctuality

    punctualityBeing exactly on time or a little ahead of time at the start of the workday or shift and returningto your workstation on time from breaks, meals, and errands.
  • Fired

    being firedWhen you are Terminated from your job, and you no longer work for that company
  • Referance

    how to get a good referancesomeone that can verify your education, skill, and previous job performance
  • reputation

    good reputationa poor referance is hard to live down. you have to work twice as hard to erase the bad impression you have made.
  • flex time

    flex time
    flextimewhen an employee is given the flexibility to work non standard hours.