Computer timeline

By 15huig
  • Aircon

    Aircon is used for comfort to us, to keep our room temperature cool during hot weathers. There are many functions of the aircon, making it a certain degrees you want the room to be, either you want wind blowing out or not. Most people have aircons at their house now a days.
  • Color Television

    Color Television
    Used for entertainment, news and important information to be heard worldwide or locally.
  • Printer

    Printers are a great way to print out documents from a computer, quick and easy.
  • The Car

    The Car
    Car's are a great way of trasnportation, and almost everyone uses it, you see and hear it every single day. But back in the olden days there were only steam engines or just animals powering a car, now the car has so many functions that you probably don't even know about! GPS devices, tv's, radio player etc.
  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera
    The digital camera is very useful, to take pictures of memories and events. The digital camera allows you to delete any pictures you don't like without having to put them through the shop and giving you a hard copy. Modern cameras have effects you can use while taking pictures, camera's now are aslo a part of a fashion accesory, professional camera's cost a lot more.
  • iMac

    Efficiency in computer, entertainment and internet.
  • Ipod

    High quakity music entertainment.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    Allows gaming and entertainment at your home.
  • Iphone

    Calling people, large sensitive screen/touch screen, games/apps, internet and entertainment. Efficiency.
  • Ipad

    Portable and convinient laptop, entertainment and internet. High quality screen/