Computer Inventions

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  • The Ipad

    The iPad was released in 2010, and was the first tablet of its kind. It melded the world between smartphone and computer to create something that a lot of people didn't even realize they needed.
  • Virtual Reality

    I have abit of personal experience with this one. In 4th grade, a company came over to our school and let us all try their new virtual reality headsets to gaze at the 7 Wonders of the World. Only recently has it become affordable, so it goes on this list! Begone, the stress inducing items of the real world!
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    Computer Inventions

  • Basically everything invented at Boston Dynamics

    From dogs to humanoid terrors, Boston Dynamics has been creating path tracing robotic creatures meaning they can walk, follow a target, and get through obstacles without outside aid. Imagine how scary it would be in a metal machine chased you up a flight of stairs because you stole some sour patches or breached an eccentric man's house perimeter! Wait a second, is this the beginning of Skynet? Everybody hide!
  • Google assistant

    Google's helpful AI was a groundbreaking feat considering its time. It was closest thing we had to real AI at the time, and it blew other "AI" in the dust.
  • Self-Driving Cars

    Imagine if you could take your hands off the wheel and just let the car drive itself. Well, imagine no longer! Thanks to Tesla and other numerous companies, the dream has become reality. Even Uber has released self-driving cars. Transportation of the future! (the date is not technically the first "autonomous car" but it is certainly the first time a usable one has been invented.)