Computer History

By MaeganC
  • Period: to

    Computer History through out the years

  • 1st Washing Machine

    1st Washing Machine
    Washing Machines are used to wash clothes instead of hand washing them.
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    A computer is used to research things listen to music or you could just use it to entertain yourself.
  • Telephone

    A telephone is used to call people so you don’t have to send them letters or go to their house or meet up you can just dial there number.
  • Lightbulb

    Light bulbs are for light. So if it is dark in your house you will turn on the light instead of using a candle.
  • 1st Airplane

    1st Airplane
    It’s used to fly people to different places across the world.
  • Television

    A television is used to watch tv shows for entertainment.
  • Turing Test

    Turing Test
    The Turing Test is to see if it is a human talking or a robot talking.
  • Wi- FI

    Wi- FI
    We need wifi so we can go on computer and can go on our phones instead of using 3G.
  • 1.0 USB

    1.0 USB
    The USB was invented to store data and also so you could have more memory in your laptop and it is used to also backup info.
  • IPhone 4

    IPhone 4
    Iphone 4 is a very convient phone because it has a big touch screen so it wont be hard to tap buttons. It is portable so you can keep it in your pockets at all times so you wont loose it.