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Collapse of the Roman empire

By emmac17
  • 235

    Crisis of the Third Century

    From 2535 - 284. Military leaders seized power, rulers died of unnatural causes, rebellions, plagues, fires and Christian persecutions.
  • Period: 235 to 476

    Collapse of the Roman empire

  • 285

    Tetrarchy (leadership of four people)

    from 285 - 305. Roman empire is split in two East and West. Junior emprors are added thus having four rulers. When Diocletian and Maximian abdicate, there is civil war.
  • 306

    Acceptance of Christianity

    from 306-337. Constantine defeats his co-emperor at the Milvian Bridge, and becomes ruler in the West. He then defeats the Eastern ruler and becomes sole ruler of the whole Roman Empire. Constantine establishes Christianity and creates a capital for the Roman Empire in Constantinople.
  • 360

    Fall of Official Paganism

    Julian the Apostate dies fighting the Parthians in the east. After trying to reverse the religious trend from christianity.
  • 378

    Battle of Adrianople

    Eastern empire is defeated by the Visigoths.
  • 379

    East - west split

    Theodosius reunites the Empire. only to have it redevided by his two sons. Arcadius, in the East, and Honorius, in the West.
  • 401

    destroyal of Rome

    Visigoths invade ROme and in the end destroy Rome. ( this is one of the dates given for the fall of Rome.
  • 429

    Vandals destroy North Africa

    Vandals attack northern Africa, cutting off Roman grain supply.
  • 440

    Huns Attack

    Rome is threatened by the Huns and are then attacked
  • 476

    fall of the empror of Rome

    the last western empror of Rome, Romulus Augustulus is overthrown by the barbarian general Odovacer who then rules Italy.