coleman/texas revoulution timeline rubric

  • the battle of gonzales

    the mexicans wanted to come and take the cannon sothat is why the texans put up a flag that said" come and take it'
  • the consulation meeting

    the delegates met to decide what action the texans should take. the meeting begin on nov.4,1835.
  • battle of san antonio

    the siege of san antonio dragged on,and the texans army began to drift away.
  • seize of the almo

    the texans took a seize for 13 days and survided and tried and did killed he mexican army
  • the mexican army was increasing

    the texans were surrounded by the mexican army for 13 days durring the battle of the alamo
  • the texas decleration of independence is adopted

    santa anna let texans let texans have independence in exchange for his life
  • the alamo falls

    the alamo defenders(davy crockket,james bowie,william b. travis where outnumbered by mexican army
  • santa anna decide to let texans be free forever

    dvay crockett they killed all the mexacan yea(march 19-20th)
  • the army walks were divided into three columns

    more than 300 texans are excuted at goliad massacre
  • regard less of how the battle of the almao fals

    the texans army finnaly won almost all the mexican army were killed exceopt santa annta