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  • Nationalists escape to Taiwan

    Nationalists escape to Taiwan
    This event proclaimed the communist Mao Zedong's victory. The "People's Republic of China" finally took over and this sparked the possibility of the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward.
  • Great Leap Forward

    Great Leap Forward
    Mao Zedong sought to "expand" the success of the five year plan with communes and other communist ways. However, this plan was a giant step backward, resulting in crop failures that starved and killed over 20 million people, foreseeing future cultural revolution.
  • Cultural Revolution

    Cultural Revolution
    Led by the Red Guards, the Cultural Revolution, a major uprising, attempted to establish a society in which peasants and workers were equal. Instead, thousands were executed and imprisoned and China came close to another civil war.
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    The victorious North Vietnamese tightly controlled southern vietnamese and opressed them, renaming their capital Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City, and killing all hopes for their freedom. This caused 1.5 million people to flee Vietnam, 200,000 of these dead at sea and 70,000 to settle in Canada and the US.
  • Khmer Rouge

    Khmer Rouge
    In 1975 Cambodia, communist rebels known as the Khmer Rouge, obtained a commnist government under leader Pol Pot. However, these followers slaughtered nearly 2 million people and eventually were invaded by the Vietnamese.