Cold War

By cdeere1
  • The Nationalists flee to Taiwan

    The Nationalists once they lost the Civil War fled to Taiwan.
  • Period: to

    South East Asia and China Impact

  • Period: to

    Great Leap Forward

    Mao Zedong proposes a plan to form bigger communes to create jobs. Over 20 million died and it was put to an end in 1961.
  • The Start of the Cultural Revolution

    Mao Zedong told students to start a revolution and they did.
  • Khmer Rouge begins rule in Cambodia

    Right when Saigon falls to the communists the Khmer Rouge begin their communist rule in Cambodia
  • Saigon Falls

    After a long hard fought Vietnam war. The vietcong take the South Vietnam capitol Saigon and Nixon starts Vietnamization