cloeman/peck-texas reveloution timeline

  • Battle of Gonzalez

    the battle of gonzalez started when the tezas started to put up a flag saying "come and take it .
  • The Conulation of 1835 begins

    The delegats met to decide what action the Texas should take.
  • Battle of San Antonio

    Texasn army started a siege on San Antonio
  • Siege of the Alamo

    Many texans started to die,many of them were farmers or ranchers

    who worked at home
  • The alamo was surrounded

    the mexicn army started to build and grow over 13 days soon the Alamo was surrounded
  • Texas declaration of independence

    Santa anna let texas have independece in exchange for his life
  • The Alamo Falls

    The texans were out numberd by the mexicans and was slauterd by them
  • Goliad Massacer

    The remainder of the people of the alamo were taken to gloiad and massacerd the suvivers were to send a mesage
  • Texans defeted the mexan army

    Sam houston caught SantaAnna off guard and killed his men in 18 minutes
  • goliad masscer

    more than 300 texans were killed