Chris's life

  • New Born Baby

    New Born Baby
    I was born at St.Agnes Hospital and I was in the incubator.
  • Camping!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went camping for the first time in Pennsayalvania with my family and friends.
  • Baby Shower For My Sister

    Baby Shower For My Sister
    I am having a sister nnnnnoooooo I do not like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hospital Trip

    Hospital Trip
    I got an allergic reaction to cherries. I needed a treatment to help clear my throught.
  • Melanie Arrived

    Melanie Arrived
    My sister arrived out of my mom's stomach.......NNNNNoooo!!!!!!!!
  • Hershy Park

     Hershy Park
    The first time I went to Hershy Park in PA with my family. We went on rides, went to the Zoo, and we brought soothvenears.
  • WWE

    I went to WWE with my Uncle Chuck In Baltimore.
  • Moving up cerimony

    Moving up cerimony
    I was in a moving up ceriemony in 5th grade. When I was on stage I sung a song called The Future Is Calling Us.
  • Summer Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Summer Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's time for summer for kids!!!!!!!!
    I went to Camp Barrett and we did a lot of activity's.
  • Christian Rock

    Christian Rock
    I went to the Youth Retreat for Christain Rock and it was
    awesome because All the singer's was there and everyone from all United Methidest Church's was all there from Maryland.