Chloe Guyer Timeline

  • 1453

    The fall of Constantinople

    The Ottoman was a powerful empire and they took control over Constantinople in 1453. The fall of Constantinople showed how much strength the Ottoman empire had.
  • 1496

    The Spanish colonizing Africa

    The spanish colonized many places in Africa. There are now some Spanish cities in Africa, even though africa is not under spanish rule anymore.
  • 1500

    The Portuguese empire searching for Gold

    The Portuguese began their empire by looking for gold in Africa. They then kept colonizing and looking for land and wealth.
  • 1519

    Import of Turkeys in Colombian exchange

    In the Colombian Exchange turkeys were imported from America to spain. Turkeys became a vital food source for people all around the world.
  • The treaty of Paris

    The French and British were at war for 7 years. There was a treaty called the treaty of Paris which ended this 7 year war, this left the British being dominant in Canada.
  • The Russian Empire's annexation of Ukraine

    In the 18th century Russia took over Ukraine. The reasons for this anexation were that Russia wanted fertile agricultural land which Ukraine had. This helped feed the empire.