• California

    I finnaly made it thru Angel Island I got reunited with my parents and sister. They thruogh us out onto the streets. There was this guy that told us about China Town. It was not to far from Angel Island so we started walking till we found a house for rent my parents brought money so we got it.
  • Town Life

    [Angel Island](Scholastic-Asian Pacific American Heritage-Angel Island)We are finnaly settled in to our humble abode. My dad has a steady job. I am going to a immigrant school it's alright. There is alot of dirt though but i will get used to it after a while hopefully. I wish we would have stade in China but America will do.
  • Trip To America

    Angel Island, Immigration Station Foundation, Stories' >Angel Island</a>I was born in China. I was born in 1850. I have two sisters they are both two and three years older than me. I have a mother and a father. We are coming to America for more $.
  • The Trip to America

    It's Christmas and i am spending it on a couped up stinky boat. My parents said that when we get to the Americas they will buy us all gifts when they get a job and a home. My dads name is Tang my mother's Tong mine is Tin Can my sisters are Ding and Dong. I heard that Angle Island is warm all year long, That makes me even more excited.
  • Angel Island

    We finnaly arrived in America! At first I was si excited but then when i got inspectef from head to toe i was starting to get a little worried because i dint like being inspected for diseases. There was a lot of people there from all over. Me and my parents got sepperated. Getting sepperated from parents worried me but I knew I would be able to reunite with them.