china timeline 1945-2011

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    China Timeline

  • new government in Taiwan

    Mao Zedong, having led the Communists to victory against the Nationalists after than 20 years of Civil war, proclaims the founding of the People's Republic of China. The nationalists retreat to the island of Taiwan and set up a governmnet there.
  • great leap forward

    Mao launches the Great Leap Forward, a five-year economic plan. Farming is collectivised and labour-intensive industry is introduced. The drive produces economic breakdown and is abandoned after two years. Disruption to agriculture is blamed for deaths by starvation of millions of people following poor harvests. Mao wanted to modernize China. wanted to develope agriculture and industry. Everything is owned by the commune.
  • Mao dies

    Mao dies. "Gang of Four"' which is Mao's widow Jian Qing and three others: Wang Hongwen, Yao Wenyuan, and Zhang Chunqiao. From 1977 Deng Xiaoping emerges as the domiant figure among the whole leadership in China. Under hime, China undertakes far-reaching economic reforms.
  • Open-Door Policy

    1986-1990. China's Open-door policy opens the country to foreign investment and encourages developmnet of a market economy and private sector. It is a policy, proposed by U.S. secretary of state John Hay. Which stated that all powers with spheres of influence in China would respect equal trading opportunities with China and not set tariffs giving an unfair advantage to the citizens of their own country.
  • three Gorges project

    Construction work on the Three Gorges dan begins. It will create a lake almost 600 kilometers(375 miles) long and submerge dozens of cultural heritage sites by the time is is completed in 2009. World largest hydropower project. 13 cities, 140 towns, 1,350 villages were flooded. Also 1.2 million people were displaced. It as caused landslides and other problems like social and eviromental devastation.
  • Nato Bombing

    Nato bombs the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, souring Sina-US relations. Nato bombed because Belgrade was being used to transmit Yugoslav army communications during the war in Kosovo. Only three people died and 20 injured from the attack. Earlier in the day they hit a hospital and a market place killing 15 people. they hit alot of other places to like hotels, army headquarters and federal police buildings
  • Sars virus outbreak

    China and Hong Kong are hit by the Pneumonia-like Sars virus, thought to have originated in Guangdong province in November 2002. Strict quarantine measures are enforced to stop the disease spreading. About 2,521 cases were reported.
  • China in space

    Launch of China's first manned spacecraft: Astronaunt Yang Liwei is sent into space by a Long March 2F rocket. Third country to send a human to space. China has been involved in space flight programmes since the 1970s, but two early efforts to put an astronaut in space were cancelled. Russia
  • chemical plant explosions

    Explosion at the Jilin chemical plant poisons the Songhua river, cutting off supplies to millions of people. The fire killed at least six people and injured around 70 people. This river is their main source of water. The explosion was from operator error. Roads were blocked. About 30,000 people were trying to evacuate.
  • slaves in factories

    New labour law introduced after hundreds of men and boys were found working as slaves in brick factories. Children as little as eight years old were being kidnapped at bus and train stations. The kids were working at illegal brick factories. The victims were forced to work almost around the clock, beaten, and deprived of pay, nourishment and basic medical care. The 147 suspects of the kilns were arrested. 359 slave migrant workers have been rescued.
  • massive earthquake

    A massive earthquake hits Sichuan provinv, killing tens of thousands. It killed about 70,000 and 18,000 went missing. Many schools, factories and hospitals collasped. From the earthquake there was flooding and landslides which made cars and house float away. There was another earhtquake in august and collasped 7,000 classrooms and killed 10,000 kids. So many families have to start their lives over.
  • China signs deal with Russia for oil

    Russia and China sigh $25 billion deal to supply China with oil fro next 20 years in exchange for loans. The deal is likely to have political significance, as Russia is looking at China as a key market for its Siberian oil fields. The loans will go to the Russian oil producing company Rosneft and to Transneft, which operates Russia’s oil pipeline system.
  • violent protest

    Many people are killed and hundred injured in the worst ethnic violence in decades as a portest in the restive Xinjiang region turns violent. Several hundred people were arrested after the protest. First sign of relaxation of strictly enforced one-child policy, as officials in Shanghai urge parents to have a second child in effort to counter effects of ageing population. Leaders of China and Taiwan exchange direct messages for the first time in more than 60 years.