China History

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  • Mao's birth

    Mao was born in 26 December, 1893 in Shaoshan village in farmer family.
  • Revolution against Qing dynasty

    Mao's fight on the revolution against qing dynasty in Changcha
  • Mao's graduation

    In 1918, Mao graduated from Hunan first normal school and becoming a ceritified teacher
  • May fourth movement

    May fourth movement
    Mao travels to Beijing during May fourth movement. May fourth movement is an anti imperialism, cultural and political movement
  • Communism in China

    Communism in China
    Chinese Communist Party (CPC) is the main party in China and the biggest party in the world. The Communist Party of China was established in 1st July 1921 in Shanghai under the support of Vlardimir Lenin, Russia's leader. The Chinese Communist Party govern China after Guomindang
  • An attack of Chiang Jeishi

    An attack of Chiang Jeishi
    Chiang Jeishi, the new KMT leader attacks communist at Shanghai
  • The long March

    The long March
    The long March is occur because Chiang Jeishi, the Guomindang leader launched a huge attack against the communist and it causes the communists lost 50% area and 60,000 Communist soilder (Red Army) are killed. Mao's try to win back and he sends 87000 Red Army soldier and they also took 33000 guns with them, so it causes many deaths
  • One hundred flowers campaign

    One hundred flowers campaign
    The main concept of this campaign is let a hundred flowers bloom, It's mean this campaign uses for finding dissident by encouraged them to show themselves as a critical of the regime.and send them to the prison or do execution
  • The great leap

    The great leap
    The Great leap was Mao's attemp to modernized China economic from Agrarian (farming) to modern, industrial economic. He want China to have their own machinery furnace and make China powerful. But it did not work and it causes China actually experience negative growth, 18-45 million people died
  • The Cultural Revolution

    The Cultural Revolution
    The aims of this revolution are to command Communist in all part of China by red guard. They cut off capitalism, cultural and tradition from Chinese culture This revolution causes more than million of people exploit and causes
  • Mao's death

    Mao's death
    Mao Zedong died from the complication of Parkinson at the age of 82 in Beijing