Child Developmet Anita Omazic Hour 5

  • Birthday

    I was born in Bosnia probubly around three o'clock.
  • 4 months

    i weight about 10-18 pounds
    i cried without tears because of communicate pain, fear, discomfort, or loneliness.
    I turned head toward bright colors and lights
  • 8 months

    my first tooth began to appear.
    i started recognizes and looks for familiar voices and sounds.
    i spend a lot of time watching and observing
  • 12 months

    one year old now.
    i continued to explore things by mouth.
    i started claping and waving.
    i became attached to a favorite toy.
  • 12 to 18 months

    i liked to push pull or dumps things.
    i started to understand more words.
    liked to hand objects to others.
  • 18 to 24 months

    i find it hard to wait and want things right away.
    i started using 2 or 3 sentances.
    i fed myself with a spoon.
  • two years old

    i enjoyed simple make believe like taking on phone.
    i could walk without help.
    i enjoyed simple stories or poems.
  • three years old

    i was talking to 75 percent of speech understanding.
    i was able to put on my shoes.
    i enjoyed playing with other hildren briefly.
  • Four years old

    i could place objects in line from largest to smallest.
    i could feed, brush, comb, dress myself.
    i seeked out adult approval.
  • Five years old

    i started inventing games with simple rules.
    i could ride a bicycle with training wheels.
    i know basic colors.
  • 6 through 8 years old

    i veiwed things in black and white.
    i was skilled at using scissors and small tools.
    i was able to learn diference between left and right.
  • 9 through 11 years old

    i started to get an nterest in competitive sports.
    i started improves in coordination and reaction time.
    i hd an interested in reading fictional stories, magazines, and how-to project books.