Child Development, Jesus Diarte, Hr.5

  • Child Develpment

  • By four months

    weight at 12 pounds
    Responds yo peek-a-boo games
    Explore objects
  • By 12 - 18 months

    35 inches
    Says hi or bye
    cries when seperated from parents
  • By eight months

    height: 30 inches
    Responce to their own name
  • By 12 months

    27 pounds
    says first word
    likes to watch theirselves in the mirrior
  • by 18- 24 months

    Likes to imatates parents actions
    vocabulary sevreal hundred years
    feeds self with spoon
  • two-years-old

    Acts shy around strangers
    40 inches
    enjoys simples stories
  • 3 Years old

    Stacks 5-7 blocks
    Dress their selves with help bottens and zippers
    Answers wether he is a boy or a girll
  • 4 Years old

    Can place objects in a line from smallest to largest
    Can dress self without assistance
    Enjoys playing with other children
  • 5 Years old

    Makes games with simple rules
    Sleeps 10-11 hours a night
    Understands about 1300 words
  • 6 through 8 years old

    Being with friends becomes increasingly important
    Skilled at using scissors and small tools
    May reverse printed letters
  • 9 through 11 years old

    May bellitle or defy adult athority
    Girls may begin to menstrate
    Fantasize and day dream about the fufture