Charles Babbage

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  • Charles Babbage was born December 26 in London, England

  • He married Georgiana Whitmore, they had eight children, but only three lived to adulthood

  • He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society and founded the astronomical Society

  • He recieved MA from Cambridge

  • He began work on the Difference Engine, intended to compile and print mathematical tables

  • He first discussed the principles of a calculating engine in a letter to Sir Humphrey Davy

  • He published a table of logarithms from 1 to 108000

  • He founded the British Association for the Advancement of Science

  • A small portion of the Difference Engine, completed by Babbage's engineer, Joseph Clement

  • He published "Economy of Manufactures and Machinery"

  • He began work on the Analytical Engine, intended to proform any mathematical task

  • Conceptual design for Analytical Engine completed

  • Begins work designing the Differences Engine No.2

  • George Schertz, constructed a machine based on the designs for the Difference Engine

  • The design of the Analytical Engine completed, uses Jacquard's punch card idea for programming

  • He published "Passage from the Life of a Philosopher"

  • Charles Babbage died October 18, 1871 in London, England