Chapter 9

  • Purchase of Alaska

    Purchase of Alaska
    The United States of America agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million. William Seward arranged this, not all of America agreed. Some called it Seward's folley. They did not approve of it because they thought that the land was useless and did not realize that there was a large amount of gold and oil.
  • Liliuokalani becomes queen

    Liliuokalani becomes queen
    Liliukuolani became queen of Hawaii. She became queen because her brother died.
  • José Martí is elected

    José Martí is elected
    José Martí was elected to lead the Cuban Revolutionary Party. He helped plan a revolt against Spain and was forced out of Cuba.
  • Request for Annexation

    Request for Annexation
    Benjamin Harrison recieved Hawaii's request and accepted. After sending the treaty to the Senate Harrison's term ended and Grover Cleveland became president.He didn't approve of the planter's actions and withdrew the treaty.
  • Rebellion

    American sugarcane planters staged a revolt against Queen Liliuokalani. They were not happy, so they overthrew her and created their own government.
  • José Martí Returns to Cuba/ Dies

    José Martí Returns to Cuba/ Dies
    Economic depression increased Cuban anger so they rebelled again. José Martí returnes to Cuba to help with the revolt and was shortly killed after returning.
  • USS Maine sent to Havana

    USS Maine sent to Havana
    William McKinley sent the USS Maine to Havana Harbor. He feared for the Cuban's safety and sent it to protect them.
  • USS Maine Blows Up

    USS Maine Blows Up
    The battleship USS Maine blew up on this date. It killed 260 sailors. People immediately suspected Spain of doing this which ended up being the trigger for the Spanish American War.
  • Demands Were Made

    Demands Were Made
    McKinely signed a congressional resolution that called for Cuba's independence. It demanded that Spain withdraw its forces. Spain did not however.
  • Hawaii was annexed

    Hawaii was annexed
    Hawaii finally became a part of the United States. The annexation passed 65 to 34 votes.