Chapter 21 Stearns Russia

  • 1462

    Much of Russia Freed from Tatars by Ivan the Great

    This is significant because Russia was controlled by the Tatars for many years prior.
  • 1480

    Moscow region is freed from the Tatars; Russia expands south

    This is significant because Russia is slowly beginning to become the major force it is to this day.
  • Period: 1552 to 1556

    Russian expansion in central Asia, Western Siberia

    This is significant because Russia continues to expand into different areas of land and they begin to win battles against their foes.
  • Russia pioneers to Pacific

    This is significant because Russia begins to use its large body of land.
  • Law enacted to make serfdom hereditary

    This is very significant because a large percent of Russia population is serfs. It is very surprising the serfs did not revolt against the government.
  • Period: to

    Wars with Sweden

    This is significant because Russia can begin to look away from the Tatars and begin to battle against other opposing nations.
  • founding of St. Petersburg

    This is significant because St. Petersburg showed the globe what power it now has. Especially because this city was built very close to Sweden.
  • Period: to

    Reign of Catherine the Great

    This is significant because Catherine the Great accomplished many things as the tsar and continued to expand Russia.
  • Period: to

    Pugachev revolt

    this is important because the peasants began to revolt against the Russian hierarchy.
  • law enacted tightening landlord power over serfs

    This is significant because the serfs continued to lose more power to their landlords after the rebellion.