Causes of WWI

  • The Idea

    The Idea
    Bismarcks decides to begin brainstorming ideas to create German Empire
  • Period: to

    Causes of WWI

  • The Seven Weeks War

    Bismarck declares war with Austria over territory. War is known as the 7 weeks war, ended with the dominece of the Prussian military
  • The South Side

    Bismarck was determined to gain the same amount of control in the south that he had in the north, but he needed a real reason for war, so on July 14, 1870, he constructed the Ems Telegram which was written to insult both France and Prussia
  • Ems Telegram effects

    Ems Telegram effects
    Five days after the Ems Telegram was sent out, Nepolean III declared war against Prussia.
  • Wars Not Enough

    Prussian forces led Paris into starvation by cutting off all routes to supplies between September 1870-January 1871
  • The Three Emperors League

    Bismarck needed alliances, so he negotiated with the Three Emperors League, which tied Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Germany to each other’s aid in the time of war.
  • Dual Alliance

    Formed after Russia drops from the Three Emperors League, in 1878, with Austria-Hungary
  • Triple Alliance

    Lasted from 1882-1914 when war began, alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy against Russia& France
  • Reinsurance Treaty

  • France and Russias Agreement

    Russia and France agreed that if they were attacked by the Triple Alliance, they would come to eachother in military aid
  • British Emergance

    Britian makes and alliance with Japan in early 20th centery,
  • Japan and Russia; At War

    Japanese launched an attack on Russian warships in Koreaa
  • Entente Cordiale

    Britan signed the Entente Cordiale with France this agreement settled many smaller disagrements, this agreement however did not force the countries to come to eachothers aid in a time of war
  • Japans Great Victory

    Japans Great Victory
    Japan destroyed a large amount of the Russians at the battle of Tsushima
  • Another War With Turkey

    After Turkey finished it's war with Italy, it found itself at war again with smaller nations such as Greece, Serbia, and Buligra
  • Italy .vs. Turkey

    Turkey lost this war being forced to give over Rhodes, Libya, and he Dodecancese Islands to the Italians
  • War in the Balkins

    Buligara was not satified with it's earlier wins, so they then began to fight with there allies in attept ot control a greater portion of Macedonia
  • The War Begins

    The War Begins
    Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia after assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The war begins.