Causes of World War I

By Ana123
  • Seven Weeks War Begining.

    Seven Weeks War Begining.
    Bismarck goal was to oust Austria as the prime influence among German States, and achieved this by engineering war with Austria.
  • Ems Telegram

    Bismarck released a doctor version of a telegram from Kaiser to Bismarck.
  • War against Prussia

    Napoleon III recieved noises from his military commanders and responded by declaring war against Prussia.
  • Begining of laid seige

    the Prussian forces laid seige to Paris from September 1870 to January 1871.
  • ending of laid seige

    this event led up to this year.
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    Bismarck agreed to a Reinsurance Treaty with Russia, which stated that both powers were to remain neutral if one was to be in war with a third.
  • Russia

    in 1891 Russia allied itself with France.
  • Russia and France Agreement

    both powers agreed to consult with each other if they were to find itself at war with any other nation. This was finalized in 1892, with the Franco-Russian Military Convention.
  • Entente Cordinal

    Britain signed the Entente cordinal with France, which resolved numerous leftover colonial mess ups.
  • Anglo-Russian Entente

    Russia formed a Triple Entente by signing an agreement with Britain.
  • Germany's War

    Germany's War
    During 1914, Italy declared that Germany's war against France was agressive.
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    this was a very important date for World War I
  • japan

    Honored an agreement with Britain, and declared war on Germany