By Mizore
  • The Fight Of Cambodia

    The 15th to 17th centuries represented a time of foreign influence, when expansionist Siam and Vietnam fought over Cambodia
  • This Is OLD!

    The millennium old temple ruins of the Angkorian Khmer Empire are designated a world heritage site by UNESCO
  • Cambodia Don't Need No Help Fool

    Throughout the 1950s and ' 60s Cambodia was self­sufficient and prospered in many areas
  • Help From Nam

    Throughout the 1980's Cambodia began to rebuild with the assistance of Vietnamese military and political advisers whilst under Vietnamese political protection.
  • The Constotution

    A constitution was adopted in 1993, the same year King Norodom Sihanouk returned to the throne
  • The Army Of Cambodia

    In 1989 the Vietnamese withdrew the last of their troops and the government renamed the country State of Cambodia
  • Seasons

    Cambodia has four seasons.1. November to February, cool and dry.
    2. March to May, hot and dry
    3. June to August, hot and wet.4. September to October, cool and wet.
  • Religion

    Buddhism The predominant religion in Cambodia is Buddhism
  • Teh King

    Cambodia's current king, Norodom Sihanouk. He was 18. In 1945, the Japanese briefly ousted the French. Encouraged, King Sihanouk
  • Parliment

    Cambodia today enjoys a parliamentary system with one prime minister
  • Family

    There are two dynastic families within the Cambodia Royal Family ­­ the Norodoms and the Sisowaths
  • More Buddism Stuff

    Among the main features of the post­Angkorean era, besides the movement of the capital, was a widespread conversion to Theravada Buddhism, illustrated on temple carvings, where Buddhist features gradually replaced Hindu features
  • Kings

    For 600 years powerful Khmer kings dominate much of present­day Southeast Asia, from the borders of Myanmar east to the South China Sea and north to Laos. It was during this period that Khmer kings built the most extensive concentration of religious temples in the world­­the Angkor temple complex
  • beatiful cambodia

    The country is politically stable and a safe place to visit to enjoy the wonderful Khmer people and the beautiful Cambodian attractions.
  • Will It Be Better?

    Today Cambodia is still a poor country but there is reason to be optimistic about its future