Gold rush

California Gold Rush Timeline

By hallieh
  • We leave Virginia

    heading toward Independence, MO to move west in search of gold and wealth after hearing about James Marshall's story.
  • We arrive at Independence, MO

    and start the long, trecherous journey on the Oregon Trail.
  • We arrive at Snake River

    where there is a split in the trail and continue traveling on the California Trail.
  • We arrive in San Fransisco, California,

    stop, and trade. We travel up to a river in northern California.
  • We reach the river

    and stake a claim.
  • We suffer through a harsh winter

    without being able to prospect much.
  • We reach spring

    and are able to prospect much more.
  • After a month we haven't found much gold

    at all and our hopes have sunk a ton. Dissapointment is spread and we realize many don't actually find gold here. We don't have money for anything especially with the huge inflation because of the immense population growth.
  • We strick gold!

    Finally we have money for food after all of our difficult and tiring work. Our hopes are raised.
  • Period: to

    After ten years of prospecting

    there has been good and bad times but we have not found a fortune and haven't moved back to Virginia as planned before. We continue to mine with still hopes of a fortune.
  • Period: to

    We continue prospecting

    and moving around in search of gold. Our kids continue on with it as we get older and older.
  • We stop prospecting

    because we get terribly sick.
  • We die at 66

    in California with never finding a fortune but just enough gold to live on.