Brendan's stages of child development

  • 1 month

    -Lifts head when lying on tummy
    -Responds to sound
    -Stares at faces
    -Follows objects breifly with eyes.
    -Vocalizes: oohs and ahhs.
    -Can see black and white patterns.
    -Smiles, laughs
    -Holds head at 45-degree angle.
  • 5 months

    Mastered Skills
    -Distinguishes between bold colors.
    -Plays with his hands and feet. Emeging skills
    -Recognizes own name.
    -Turns toward new sounds
    -Rolls over in both directions. Advanced Skills
    -Sits momentarily without support.
    -mouths objects
    -Separation anxiety may begin.
  • 12 months

    Mastered Skills
    -Imitates others activities.
    -Indicates wants with gestures. Emerging Skills
    -Takes a few steps
    -Says one word other than "mama" and "dada." Advanced Skills
    -Walks alone.
    -Scribbles with a crayon.
    -Says two words other than "mama" and "dada."
  • 18 months

    Mastered Skills
    -Will read board books on his own.
    -Scribbles well. Emerging Skills
    -Strings two words together in phrases.
    -Brushes teeth with hwlp.
    -Stacks four blocks. Advanced Skills
    -Throws ball overhand.
    -Takes toys apart and puts them back together.
    -Shows signs of toilet training readiness.
  • 24 months

    Mastered Skills
    -Names at least six body parts.
    -Half of speech is understandable.
    -Makes two- to three word sentances. Emerging Skills
    -Talks about self
    -Arranges things in categories.
    -Can walk down stairs. Advanced Skills
    -Begins to understand abstrct concepts.(e.g sooner, later.)
    -Becomes attuned to gender differences.
    Learns to jump.
  • 30 months

    Mastered Skills
    -Brushes teeth with help.
    -Washes and dries own hands.
    -Draws a verticle line. Emerging Skills
    -Draws a circle.
    Balences on one foot. Advanced Skills
    -Put on a t-shirt.
    -Names one color.
    -Names one friend.
  • 36 months

    Mastered Skills
    -Describes how two objects are used.
    -Uses three to four word in a sentance.
    -Names two actions (e.g skipping, jumping.) Emerging Skills.
    -Hops and skips.
    -Follows a two- to three part command.
    -separates fairly easily from parents.
    -Rides a tricycle. Advanced Skills
    -Balances on each foot for three seconds.
    -Gets dressed without help.