Bournemouth and Poole Climate Week 2013

  • Watch Your Waste Monday

    Recycle, recycle, recycle!
    Watch your waste Monday is all about reducing your waste in a environmentally friendly way.
    By getting involved and focusing on recycling and reducing waste, you could benefit from cost reductions and possibly an increase in employee motivation. For instance, in providing branded mugs you would remove the cost of purchasing plastic/polystyrene cups, and increase in-brand awareness.
  • Travel Together Tuesday

    Tuesday's theme is car sharing.
    By sharing lifts to work or with your neighbours and friends you can help Bournemouth and Poole.
    The aim of this is to help reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions released by cars which negatively impact the quality of our air and increase the greenhouse effect.
    So before you drive off check if you can give anyone else a lift today!
  • Woolly Pully Wednesday

    This is fun and simple! If employees wear a jumper, the heating can be reduced slightly. This theme can easily be adopted by most businesses and is very simple to implement – plus, it can make a positive impact on both the working and external environment.
  • Smarter Transport Thursday

    The aim is to reduce business travel and promote working from home. Today is also promoting the use of public transport, cycling and simply walking to work.
  • Pull the Plug Friday

    Wednesday is aiming to reduce the amount of energy caused by leaving on electrical equipment, such as computer monitors. Most companies are guilty of doing this and it is known that by carrying out the smallest changes, a large difference can be made!