Bolshevik Revolution

  • Nicholas II comes into power

    Nicholas II comes into power
    The Life of Nicholas Romanov II
    Nicholas II was 26 when his father died of liver disease, leaving his throne to his son.
  • Period: to

    Reign of Nicholas II

    Nicholas Romanov II was the Czar of Russia for 22 years.
  • Nicholas II and Alexandra are Married

    Nicholas II and Alexandra are Married
    Married Life
    Alexandra was the grand daughter of Queen Victoria. Alexandra had a lot of influence on her husbands political decisions. Alexandra believed in autocratic principle which means a country's government is ruled by a single person. Nicholas believed in Nationalism which meant that he had pride in the advancement of his country. The people of Russia wanted to have Democracy as their government. Nicholas decried those who favoured western style democracy because of Alexandra's persuasion.
  • Olga is born

    Olga is born
    Olga Romanov's Biography
    Nicholas II and Alexandra have their first child.
  • Tatiana is born

    Tatiana is born
    Tatiana Romanov's Biography
    Nicholas and Alexandra's second child is born on the Farm of Alexandria Park, Peterhof
  • Maria is born

    Maria is born
    Maria's Biography
    This is Alexandra and Nicholas' third girl in a row.
  • Anastasia is born

    Anastasia is born
    What really happened to Anastasia? (Video)
    Anastasia is the fourth and youngest daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra. There have been many legends and myths that one of the Czar children survived their execution. People are still trying to trace the Romanov Family's remains that were hidden by the Bolsheviks.
  • Gregory Rasputin

    Gregory Rasputin
    Grigory Rasputin
    Nicholas and Alexandra became acquainted with Grigory Rasputin. He claimed to have mystical powers that enabled him to heal the sick. Many of Alexandra's political views were influenced by Rasputin.
  • The Next Czar is Born

    The Next Czar is Born
    Alexis' Biography
    Alexis is the fifth and final child of Nicholas and Alexandra. He was born with heamophilia which means that his body can't clot wounds correctly making it hard for him to heal injuries. He wasn't expected to live long but he was destined to be the next Czar. Alexandra was determined to make that happen. Nicholas II began neglecting some of his duties in order to take care of and spend time with his son.
  • Period: to

    Bolshevik Revolution

    The Bolshevik Revolution lasted for 19 years.
  • Gregory Aids the Romanov's

    Gregory Aids the Romanov's
    Due to his hemophilia condition, Alexis was easily subject to disease. Grigory Rasputin won over Nicholas and Alexandra when he temporarily cured Alexis of an illness.
  • WWI

    WWI Begins
    World War 1 begins during this time. Russians don't want to be part of it but the Bolshevik's keep supporting the war.
  • Nicholas II is dethroned

    Nicholas II is dethroned
    Nicholas II is dethroned and The Provisional Government is created to fill the void left by the Czar. It failed to live up to the expectation of keeping Russia out of the War, and only made things worse.
  • Valdimir Lenin

    Valdimir Lenin
    Russian Revolution (Video)
    Lenin Lenin joined the Bolsheviks when he returned from exile in Switzerland. He and the Bolsheviks worked together against the Provisional Governent and they distributed land more evenly with the peasents, He promised to take Russia out of WWI.
  • Lenin and Bolsheviks Takes Over

    Lenin and Bolsheviks Takes Over
    Lenin and the Bolsheviks passed their ideas to the soldiers and the peasents and the workers. They were able to over throw the Provisional Government and take full power which lead to communism.
  • Death of the Romanov's

    Death of the Romanov's
    Imperial Russian Family (Video)
    The Bolshevik's decided to kill the Romanov Family where they were being held captive in Ekateringburg. They were awoken at night and told that there was a dangerous quarrel outside. It would be safer in the basement. Twelve Red Army soldiers appeared in the basement and were told, by Trotsky, that each gunman should target one royal and shoot them
  • Bolshevik Revolution Ends

    Bolshevik Revolution Ends
    Vladimir Lenin dies and Leon Trotsky is defeated by a triumvirate Stalin, Kamenev, an Zinoviev.