Bella's timeline

Timeline created by isastults
  • Hurricane

    Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast
  • birth

    I was born on June 15th, 2005
  • steps

    I took my first steps
  • Sago Mine Disaster

    Sago Mine Disaster
    A coal mine explosion which trapped 13 miners
  • bathroom

    I was potty trained when I was two.
  • Government

    Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House.
  • brush

    I brushed my teeth by myself when I was four
  • Air flight

    Air France Flight 447, en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Paris, crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 228 on board
  • soccer

    I started soccer in preschool
  • Earthquake

    A 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastates Haiti killing more than 230,00.
  • nephew

    My nephew Gio was born
  • 9/11

    In 2011 terrorists hijacked American Airlines into the twin towers.
  • teeth

    I lost my first tooth at age 7.
  • Power Outage

    Power Outage
    The world's worst power outage in world history happened leaving 620 million people without power.
  • basketball

    I started basketball in 5th grade
  • Earthquake

    On August 24th a 6.2 earthquake hits central Italy, killing 299 people.
  • Niece

    My niece Malia was born
  • Stitches

    I sat on a sink and it broke and I got stitches on my wrist
  • Solar eclipse

    Solar eclipse
    On August 21st a total solar eclipse crossed the United States from coast to coast.
  • mission trip

    I went to Puerto Rico with my youth group
  • dog

    I got a golden doodle
  • Quince

    I went to Amanda's 15th birthday party.
  • high school

    I had my first day of high school
  • Covid

    Quarantine hit in March and people took caution
  • semi-state

    The girls soccer team made it to semi state.
  • Vacation

    I went to Florida last March during quarantine
  • sectionals

    The boys basketball team won sectionals last year
  • Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant died on January 26th, 2020, in a helicopter crash.
  • accident

    We hit a deer and it died
  • President

    President Joe Biden got inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20th
  • driver

    I passed my permit test finally