By Haaris
  • 3500 BCE

    Beginnings of Sumerian and Egyptian Civilizations

    Situated in the contending city-territories of Sumer in southern Mesopotamia. The Sumerian development was in the middle of between the Euphrates and Tigris River in present day Iraq.Situated in present day Egypt. The Egyptian civilization was molded like a brought together regional state. This development is likewise notable for their pyramids, pharos, and other progress known as Nubia.
  • 3000 BCE


    IN Norte Chico, a device was made to keep records and helps with communication. These devices are made with things such as hair and strings.
  • Period: 3000 BCE to 1800 BCE

    Norte Chico

    Gathering of around 25 metropolitan habitats made the Norte Chico civilization. It had urban communities less than the ones in Sumer and was a rich fishing development. The developments didn't have walls for guard and scarcely any proof of fighting in this progress has been found.
  • Period: 2662 BCE to 2195 BCE

    Egyptian Kingdoms

    Pharoahs held high powers and caused many things to happens in terms of structural building.
  • Period: 2200 BCE to 2000 BCE

    Chinese Civilizations

    A progress with numerous lines, rulers, and an exceptional Chinese political belief system. This civilization likewise had an early composing arrangement of Chinese and this progress kept a steady character from its past into present day times.
  • Period: 2200 BCE to 2000 BCE

    Indus Valley and Central Asia Civilizations

    The Indus Valley Civilization has practically no data on the political order or concentrated state. We really do know that in 1700 BC, this human progress fell because of its high ecological use and that their way of life was given to a later civilization of the Indian subcontinent. The Central Asian civilization, otherwise called the Oxus progress had an exceptionally extraordinary social blend of engineering, entombments, seals, pottery and that's only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Period: 2070 BCE to 1600 BCE

    Xia Dynasty

    First ever dynasty created. First form of government as well in China.
  • Period: 1700 BCE to 1700 BCE

    Indus Valley and Central Asian Abandonment

    Cities were abandoned for unknown reasons.
  • Period: 1600 BCE to 1046 BCE

    Shang Dynasty

    A dynasty in the Chinese Civilization
  • Period: 1550 BCE to 1064 BCE

    New Kingdom in Egypt

    It was a time of wealth, power, and success.The New Kingdom was one of the best times of the civilization of Egypt.
  • Period: 1500 BCE to 1500 BCE

    Egyptian Empire

    The Egyptian civilization became more like a Empire.
  • Period: 1200 BCE to 1200 BCE

    Olmec Civilization

    This human progress was situated along the Gulf of Mexico close to what is presently Veracruz in southern Mexico. This development is otherwise called the "mother progress" of Mesoamerica and made numerous social examples which were passed to different human advancements.
  • Period: 1046 BCE to 771 BCE

    Zhou Dynasty

    This dynasty was created right after the end of the Shang Dynasty and was another dynasty of the Chinese civilization.
  • Period: 900 BCE to 900 BCE

    Olmec Civilization Writing

    Writing was made by this civilization and was the first language in the Americas.
  • Period: 900 BCE to 612 BCE

    Assyrian Empire

    Situated in Mesopotamia, this domain was made before the Persian Empire and had a coordinated government with a military to safeguard themselves.
  • Period: 760 BCE to 660 BCE

    Conquest of Egypt

    There was a fall of the New Kingdom in Egypt. This let the Kush to be able to conquer the fallen kingdom.
  • Period: 500 BCE to 500 BCE

    Persian Empire

    The Persian Empire was situated in Iran, Egypt, Turkey, a few pieces of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was perhaps of the biggest realm on the planet.
  • Period: to 1775 BCE

    Code of Hammurabi

    It was a legal code and used on citizens and is used based on someone's social status.