Beginning of the Texas Revolution

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    Early Texas History

    This looks at the history of what would become modern Texas.
  • American Settlers arrive in Texas

    In April of 1718, 72 American settlers arrived in Texas.
  • Gozales was Settled.

    Gozales was Settled.
    After the original town was destroyed by Indian attacks, Gonzales was resettled in 1827
  • Cannon

    Mexico lent a cannon to the settlers of Gonzales to protect them from Indian attacks.
  • Unrest in Mexico

    In 1835, five Mexican states revolted against the government. In light of this, the Mexican government began to confiscate all weaponry it had lent to the states, including the cannon in Gonzales.
  • Battle of Gonzales

    The settlers in Gonzales refused to give up their cannon, firing on the Mexican army. This fight began the Texas Revolution.