Before my entry into this world

  • Before I was born!

    I was born to Manual Kennedy Jr and Theresa Louise Bolden. On October 14, 1967
    They were both college students attending Winston State University in Winston Salem North Carolina. They both pursued other avenues which included my father being drafted in the service Vietman War when I was just 6 weeks old. I will be speaking from a child's point of view.
  • Prenatal Development

    My mother although I was her first pregnancy followed all the new mother rules. She ate right took the proper vitamins, went to all the check-up's and took very good care of herself! I was a vaginal birth and she had no complications.
  • Personal speaking from a child's point of view.

    I am the child here and I will be speaking from my point of view.
  • First Two years:Biosocial Development

    I was a normal size infant with no deformaties. I was very healthy. Being the first child and grandchild on my maternal side of the family, I was their pride and joy. I walked early and back in those days they used cloth diapers. I was also the new baby of my grandmother's church. So every where I turned there was a 'church mother' to guide me where I needed to go! To help me stand as I was learning to walk and talk to me as I was babbling on probably trying to understand exactly what was said!
  • Personal Experience

    My mother had the support of her family and my father. Unfortunately, my father was drafted into the Vietnam War when I was just 6 weeks old. My mother breastfed me! She did not experience post partum depression with me or my sister's birth.
  • First Two Years:Biosocial

    Born and raised in North Carolina, My mother had one sibling and my father had 10! I had a typical southern up bringing! Living at this age closer to my maternal grandparents, I ate really well! I was given the pots sat on the floor and fed myself! They have pictures! So there was no chance for malnutrition for me not hardly!
  • Personal Experience

    I walked early at 10 months of age which was normal! I was healthy southern women cook alot foods fresh from the farm and this was no exception for me. I would toggle through the isles of the gardens with my great aunt's looking observing watching smelling all that I could! Sometimes tasting the blackberris or strawberries as I followed behind them.
  • First Two Years: Cognitive

    Affordances:My mother states I was very inquisitative perceptive and outgoing. And I didn't require alot of attention. But I was a night owl! Never liked sleeping during the day. Proximal parenting product:I a little red bear that carried around until one her eye and arm fell off so I brought to their attention and my grandmother sewed them back in place which would one of many.
  • Personal Experience

    I grew normally. I had long fingers and toes which had hair on them including my ears! A trait of the Kennedy's. My paternal grandmother said when she first laid eyes on me, "She's definately belongs to us'! My mother was like she's sooo hairy this little girl can't be mine! But I was...
  • First Two Years: Cognitive

    Deferred imintation:My grandfather was a security guard at the prison in North Carolina and he worked the midnight shift. So every night before he would leave for work, he would take his hat down from the front closet and lay it on the arm of the chair. As always before leaving checking his uniform he would put on his hat. So then I would put on his and stand by the door as if I too were going off to work!
  • Personal Experience

    My grandfather had a little game he played making funny sounds while sitting on the vinyl couch! And would always motion to me to see if I could find the sound, and off I go looking for the sound and it was him moving on the vinyl couch!
  • Biosocial Development

    I was quite healthy. I had all the normal shots and check-ups most infants/toddlers have. My parents were not opposed to these injectons. Being an only grandchild I was a sharer not selfish at all.
  • Personal Experience

    I now a baby sister born on September 14 and I was very protective of her. Nobody could come near her I would actually stand guard over her saying 'my stista no touch' my parents and grandparents though I was just too funny!
  • First Two Years:Psychosocial

    Attachment: First experience
    My grandmother baby sat me an infant, back then I wore cloth diapers and my grandmother had a large glass mirror underneath was a sofa, which for some reason they enjoyed taking naked pictures of me lying on my tummy! And first experience outside family;A white family with a dog, their mother was the babysitter and they had a white lab which was very protective of me.
  • Play Years:Biosocial Development

    Growing:i grew normally with no epic events and never had a broken bone and major before pre-school. Changing Eating Habits:Being from the south we ate a lot of fresh vegetables. We always had 3 meals a day. And a dessert after dinner.
  • Personal Experience

    I was never mistreated no injuries and I had all normal skills.
    Still enjoying my little sister.
  • Play Years: Cognitive

    I always went to public schools never private. Socialized well with others and excelled on my level.
  • Personal Experience

    We moved to Nashville Tennessee. And I clearly remember making fresh butter and jelly in class for some reason I can still remember having in fresh bread, we didn't bake it though!
  • Play Years:Psychosocial

    I don't remember when I first realized that boys were different than myself.
  • School Years: Cognitive

    I had no learning disabilities. I got along well with others and my test taking skills were up to par with the other students my age.
  • Personal Experience

    It was a difficult change moving here from North Carolina. I wasn't happy at all. I was away from all my life time friends and family!
  • School Years: Biosocial

    I was very active physcially and began to thin out and get taller.
    Allergies were my only chronic disease and being allergic to bee stings
  • Personal Experience

    I got sting by a bee in the arch of my right foot! And my foot had swollen so big but my parternal grandmother had a home remedy which was removing the big with tobacco juice and was nasty but it worked!
  • School Years:Psychosocial Development

    New kid on the block:Moving here from North Carolina! It was very stressful leaving family and old friends. Didn't like it here at all but in time I met two great friends and they made all the difference. Being a bullying victim: Because of my southern dilect and I didn't dress like the other kids I stood out, which made me a target. Fornately it was my last experience I had to stand up for myself , fought the bully so then I made a status for myself, never had another problem.
  • Personal Experience

    Fitting in here in Detroit:It didn't take long to fit after meeting friends and standing up for myself.
    Body Image:I was taller than most boys my age and at first that didn't sit to well with me. But eventually I grew into myself and never looked back!
    Meeting new people:Being from a small town where everybody knows everybody here was a rude awakening! I didn't like the idea of not being able to walk to the corner store here in this big city.
  • Adolesence:Biosocial Development

    Hormornes:I had what I thought the worse cramps in the world! I had permission not to swim on the first two days as well as sometimes miss the first of cycle if it was a school day. Hot water bottles and Motrin it sucked! Then is when I realized other girls had 7-day cycles gee and that really sucked but atleast I was a 5-day!
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial

    Outlet:Best tennis player ever!
    In the 8th grade I took my parents wooden tennis raquets and off I went to become the greatest 8th grade tennis player funny I broke both of their raquets making a name for myself!
  • Emerging Adulthood:Biosocial

    Best friend moves to California-Depression? At age 15 my best friends grandmother fell ill and her mother decided it was best to move closer to her. I was devasted I cried for a month! We kept in touch for many years
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial

    First boyfriend;Courtney the first boyfriend! One to hold hands with kiss go to movies and the mall with what memories! My parents weren't strict but my mother was more protective than my father. He was allowed to come over and watch tv in the family room under the watchful eye of my mother. We were prom dates and we had the best time but he chose not to graduate high school and that's where the relationship ended, he moved to Alabama and I moved on with my life.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial 2

    High School:Ah I was very agressive and ready to grown up. My high school years were great! Then is when I decided to be in the medical field. It was either Health Care Admin or a nurse. I really enjoyed being in the Pre-Medical Career Club!
  • Personal Experience for all

    My friend that moved to Californina I would eventually go out to see her and be in her wedding! It was an experience I also went to Disney World while I was there her mother worked there. What a great time in my life but our relationship would eventually end just outgrew each other.
  • Emerging Adulthood:Cognitive

    Attending college:Being the eldest I was first to go to college. I wasn't able to go away so I went to O.C.C. (Oakland Community College) the Southfield campus. I worked work study on campus and worked at Northland Mall. Attending college was great! But this was first experience learning about new cultures, my teacher was a mormon. I had no idea what that was but I would find out as well finding out I sucked at Acoounting! But I found out I really enjoyed going to college and meeting new friend
  • Emerging Adulthood:Cognitive Development

    Paternal grandparents die-devastation!
    My father's parents died and left me alone in this world! I will never forgive God for taking them from me! They were my first recollection of death and dying and I didn't like that feeling.
    Angry at God! Yes and my maternal grandmother comforted me and told me it's ok to be angry at God.
  • Emerging Adulthood:Cognitive 2

    Watching friends change:This is the time you realize that some of your friends don't share the same thoughts dreams aspriations for the future as you do. And that sometimes means going your seperate ways! This was painful because I couldn't understand why? But I would mature and realize it was called 'out growing' them my mother would say
  • Emerging Adulthood:Psychosocial Development

    Marriage/ Divorce:Got married gave it my all 100% and he gave what percent? Whatever it was it didn't come close to mine! So after 2 1/2 years I was divorced. No children just my dog my first Doberman. I realized that it wasn't me it was him and that also could not make him my father someone I admired and thought he should too. Boy was I wrong I know now you can't change anybody who they are when you meet them is who they shall be! A mistake? No a learning experience and I learned a lot!
  • Emerging Adulthood:Psychosocial Development 2

    Not fitting in with married so called friends being newly 'single'! I could not understand why all the sudden I was the outlaw just because I decided that I no longer wanted to be with someone who didn't value or respect me. Now I could see clearer all the mistakes they too had made and didn't want to admit as well as stay in unhealthy situations! So I divorced them too. I had to learn to love myself and realize I needed to surround myself with a new group of people that may become friends.
  • Adulthood:Biosocial Development

    Still single-over weight again and I don't like it but a new job with a new outlook on life things are about to change! Smoked for a few years but finally it would come to an end!
  • Adulthood:Biosocial Development

    New Job:After almost 13 years at AAA Michigan I was leaving and going to United States Postal Service! Some of my friends were already there so that wasn't a big deal but meeting new people was!
    Thirty! I'm now the Big 30 and can't believe it! But I enbraced it well!
    Body Image must change! Lost 150lbs! I was considerably over weight and nobody thought I could carry mail but I did and I lost half my body size and was happy about it!
  • Personal Experience

    New job working well body image very positive never didn't love myself was always comfortable in my own skin! Being a postal carrier is hard work but the pay check is almost worth it!
  • Adulthood:Cognitive Development

    Older college student and doing it oh yeah decided to return to college and what a challenge was I in for I had no idea! But I was ready and I was going to give it my all!
    Family proud! Yes they were and still are very proud and support me 100%.
  • Personal Experience

    Wow a college student doubts? Can I do this approaching 40? Yes I can and I will and I do! Looking around the classroom and being the oldest student in the class is quite a different feeling! A strange one but I got over that and started making new 'younger' friends!
  • Adulthood:Biosocial Del 1

    Smoking sucks! Moved best friend to Florida and was at outside bar they were all smoking and I was not and just once I said let me have a puff and that was it! But it didn't last too long thank goodness! Never drink more than 2 drinks! I had always felt that I never wanted to be a drunk! I had seen friends of my parents both men and women look disgusting drunk it was awful look, which I knew would never be me! Now 40 geezz! And still single Is this normal are my standards too high?
  • Personal Experience

    Life is good made a major job change a few years back now fitting well into being a medical biller and going to Oakland Community College where I started over 20 plus years ago and Schoolcraft College as well working on becoming a nurse! Rough but I'm hanging in so far!
  • Adulthood:Psychosocial Development

    I meet a new friend new relationship! Although scared it feels right! Taking my time and this time its working perfectly!
    Becomes boyfriend:Has children stepparent hum? Yes what a new experience we've done a lot of conversating and will continue to do so!
  • Personal Experience

    The new relationship is going well and I never thought I could be happy again thought maybe after college I just may get back out there in the dating world but he came along! Who would ever imagine! I'm really happy!
  • Late Adulthood: Biosocial

    I can't imagine ageism in the nursing field but as I talked to other nurses in the field some of the older nurses can be rough on the new nurse. I hope my experience is a good one! We as afro-Americans age well at this stage if you've taken good care of yourself noone should be able to guess your age! I want age gracefully and have a mate to share it with!
  • Late Adulthood: Cognitive

    I must continue to watch my body weight as I can see what my great-aunts look like living well into their 90's I know what I must do the stay healthy! Their knees and hips have OA and joint pain all over their bodies, for me this is where my weight plays a key factor.
  • Late Adulthood: Psychosocial

    How will I deal with death now? I didn't handle it well in my early years, I hope by now I would be able to handle it as stress free as possible hopefully being a nurse will help me in this process!
  • Personal Experience

    I hope I have lived a full and happy life and disease free and pain free as possible, accomplished all that my heart had desired and seen all that I could possibly see with my own eyes! It seems Alzheimer's and Dementia are inevitable but I hope that if I have the highest stage of either that I will not be a burden to anyone.
  • Personal Experience 2

    I want to be active and active with my mate and family as much as possible, enjoy retirement and I think I would be one who volunteers at some type of facility whether it be for children or our aging not sure yet but children keep me young and I think that would be my first choice! I never give up on my faith, God has brought me a long way and I'm ever so grateful to have made it thus far!
  • Personal Experience 3

    I want to have long term friends that we have aged together and chat about our life-long experiences. I also want to know that I've done my best in caring for my aging parents and they were very proud of me and all that I'd accomplished in my life!
  • Epilogue

    Death and Hope:Cremation is my choice not because of price but because I believe 'ashes to ashes dust to dust'! Return me back into the earth! 92 years is a long time and I just don't want to be a burden to anyone and live peacefully, my little vowed to take of me, so I hope she keeps her promise! Dying and acceptence:By then I think I will have conquered my fear of dying atleast for myself. I think I want to be at home a familiar place where I feel comfortable.
  • Epilogue 2

    If I'm in pain make me comfortable, don't keep me on life support at 92 I've lived quite the life and God is now ready for me!
  • Bereavement

    I want my family and friends to grieve normally with no complications if I've lived to 92 my time has come and please don't be sad I'll see you again very soon and we'll rejoice and reflect on our lives as if we were on the front porch continued next ...
  • Bereavement 2

    Sipping on a Arnold Palmer with extra lemon or perhaps eating some watermelon and hopefully with my own teeth! And think what a life I have had I truly enjoyed myself...
  • Last Personal Experience

    I hope to die peacefully with someone that loves me around me and as painless as possible. Knowing that I am on my way to the man who created me! And see all the others that has gone home before me and enjoy our reunion! It will give me so much joy almost unspeakable to see my grandparents and Aunt Carolyn and all the dogs and cats I've sent on before me as well. What a reunion this will be! At peace for the last time...