Becky's Timeline

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Developement and Birth

  • Born-biosocial for 1st 2 years

    6#11oz. 19 inches. Born 4th out of 5 children.
    Biosocial-As newborns do, I slept a lot, about 16 hours a day total. All of my 5 senses are intact. I can see, hear, smell, taste and respond to touch. I can only see up to 30 inches away. My visual cortex matures by 6 mos. It took me a few weeks to sleep at night. My movements and reflexes are involuntary.
    My parents were/are non smokers. My mother is a house wife and my father worked full time at the plant. I had all my immunizations.
  • Period: to

    My first 2 years

  • Psychosocial development for 1st 2 years

    Basic trust vs. mistrust
    I trust my parents to take care of me. To make sure I am fed, cleaned and properly dressed.
    At 2 weeks I can smile at you. Laugh at/with you at 3 months. By 2 years of age I've entered the autonomy vs, shame. I've learned how to use the toilet and get rid of my diapers. I can feed my self with my fingers and small spoon. I can use a sippy cup. I'm walking and my mom put bells on my shoes because I like to run away from her at the store. I also like to talk alot.
  • Cognitive development

    So much growth and development the next 2 years!!
    During my 1st 6 months, I'm beginning to form my long term memory. I can recognize my parents, my bed and playpen. My first few months I like to babble. Here I'm starting to control my vocalization. Around 15months, I can say one word for an idea such as "cookie" or "milk" Around 18-24 months I'm starting to use 2 words to form sentences. Such as "want cookie"
  • Primary circular reactions

    My first 2 months of life, I was able to stare and my parents, suck on a pacifier and listen to people talking to me.
  • Cognitive development

    I am now 2 months old and I'm able to grab for my bottle.
  • I can laugh at you- Psychosocial development

  • Lift my head while lying on my stomach - Biosocial Development

    By 14 weeks, my binocular vision has developed
  • Roll over- Biosocial development

    I've also doubled my birth weight. I'm now 12 lbs
  • smiling and clapping my hands

  • Sit up without support - biosocial development

    My vision is improving as well. I now have 20/20 vision and I can follow people with my eyes
  • Hold a rattle and my bottle-biosocial development(fine motor)

  • Fear- Psychosocial development

    Fear has developed to strangers and I have separation anxiety.
  • crawling- biosocial development

  • crawling-biosocial development

  • I know what I want :) Cognitive development

    I can dump my food on the floor and hand my mom a cassette so she can play my favorite song
  • Standing with support- biosocial development

  • stand without support- biosocial development

  • It's my first birthday

    I've tripled my birth weight. I'm now 18 lbs.
    Psychosocial- between 1-2 y/o anger and fear become less frequent. Pride, shame, anger and guilt are new emotions for me.
    Memory starts to trigger specific emotions based on previous experiences. ( I don't want to go to the doctors now, I always get a shot and it hurts!)
  • walking all by myself- biosocial development

  • I like to see what happens when I take the lid off my sippy cut and dump it on the floor when my parents won't get me out of my crib

  • I can kick a ball to my sister- gross motor biosocial development

  • I'm 2 years old

    Biosocial- my fine motor skills are doing well. I'm finger painting and can scribble with crayons.
    I'm 1/2 my adult height of 31inches. (Not going to be very tall :) )
    My brain in 75% of what it will be when I'm an adult
    I'm picky with my food and want things done a certain way.
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood

  • Head injury

    I was hit on the head with a bat by my cousin. I ran in front of him mid swing. My parents took me to the hospital. I was ok, but I had a lot of swelling.
  • I made a snow man all by myself

    Psychosocial development-initiative vs. guilt
    I attempted an outside activity all by myself which was a snowman
    I used rocks as eyes, my moms scarf to keep him warm and used a carrot for his nose. I felt really good. My Mom said she was "so proud" of me.
  • 1st day of school

    I was so excited. I got to meet new friends. I loved dot to dot books. My teachers are nice. I got to ride the school bus for the first time. My Mom took a picture of me as I was getting off the bus
  • 5 years old

    Biosocial development- I can use my jump rope and catch a ball with my baseball mit. I can also cut and paste, tie my shoes and button my sweater.
    Cognitive- I was shocked to see my teacher with her family at the grocery store. I thought she lived at school. (static reasoning)
  • My little brother was born

  • 6 years old

    Biosocial-my brain is now 90% developed
  • 7 years old Entering School Age

    Biosocial development- Growth slows.
    Lots of exercise. I was in swimming, gymnastics and played softball.
    Psychosocial- Industry vs. inferiority.
    My reading level jumped and I was a great speller. I was offered advanced placement to 3rd grade. I felt inferior and asked to go back to 2nd.

    Cognitive- developing longer attention span and taking on more responsibility. I saved my allowance to buy my own TV. I love to read.
  • Sudden onset of Asthma

    I had a sudden onset of Asthma. It was so hard to breath. Found out I was allergic to Ash trees, which were the majority of trees in our yard. I am also allergic to dust mites. I really wanted to live in a bubble.
  • Period: to


    Psychosocial: Ericksons Identity vs. role confusion
    important for social relationships. Teens developing a sense of self. Experiencing with different roles and behaviors.
    Cognitive: formal operational stage. problem solving. Can attack a problem, consider multiple solutions and plan a course of action.
    Biosocial: Growth spurt 11-14 years.
  • Onset of puberty

  • Softball

    I loved to play softball. I tried out and made the softball team. My friends and I practiced in our back yard all the time. My friends mean a lot to me.
  • Attempted Abduction

    Cognitive with problem solving.
    My friend and I were out for a bike ride approx. one mile from my home. A disheveled man in a very old car attempted to abduct us. He was toying with us with his car and wouldn't let us cross the street. We dropped our bikes and ran to the home across the street. The lady was kind to hear us out and let us use her phone to call home. The man mean while, was covering up his license plate. The police took one hour to come take the report.
  • Parents divorced

    With Erickson Identity vs. Role Confusion, My parents divorced when I was 12 years old. I played the role of caregiver to my younger brother so my mother could work. I was also insecure with my looks even though I was average for my weight and size. All my friends were skinny. Weight became an issue for me. It bothered me and I would exercise a lot.
  • Party Time

    Cognitive Development: Problem Solving
    My mom worked midnights and afternoons. I took advantage of her time away and would throw parties on a Friday night with my friends. It soon ended with a friend of a friend punching a hole in our bathroom wall. I gave my mother the money I earned working for repair costs. I didn't have another party after that.
  • Done growing-biosocial

    Biosocial- done growing. 5'1 Wished I had another year :)
  • Got my Drivers License

    So excited to reach a new milestone towards independance
  • High School Graduation

  • College

    1st day of college. Bittersweet feeling. Glad to be growing more and more independent, however, I miss all my old friends
  • 1st real relationship-pscychosocial

    Met my first steady boyfriend. We dated for a little over a year.
  • 1st full time job

    Got my full time job working with disabled adults in a group home setting.
  • Period: to

    Younge Adulthood

    Psychosocial- Ericksons Intamacy vs. Isolation
    Important events "will I be loved or alone?"
    Biosocial- Change in skin, slower metabolism
    Cognitive- Recognizing personal limitations, pursue higher level of education, identified career goals
  • EMS licensure

    received my basic emt license. I was so proud. My long term goal is to be a RN. The waiting list is so long. I will keep plugging away.
  • Met my husband-psychosocial

    I met my husband through mutual friends. I knew the moment I saw him we were meant to be together :)
  • Proposal

    My husband proposed to me. My luck day
  • Wedding day

    My Husband and I were married. A very joyful day spent with all our friends and family
  • 1st child born

    Our 1st son was born.
  • Accepted into Nursing School-cognitive

    Such a great surprise. I found out I was able to start the nursing program a year early. I was so excited
  • 1st home

    We bought our 1st home. Such an accomplishment
  • Graduated Nursing School-Cognitive

    So excited. Graduated from nursing school. Such an accomplishment
  • Started to notice change in skin-Biosocial

    Skin spots started to appear on my face :( I really started to take a look at taking care of my skin. I made it a point to apply sun screen everyday
  • 9/11 the day our lives changed-psychosocial

    I'll never forget this day like so many. I was 39 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child when our country was attacked. I was so fearful. My husband was at work and my son was at school. I just wanted us all to be together at that moment.
  • 2nd child born

    Second son born. Healthy and happy.
  • Daughter born

    I never found out the sex of my children via ultrasound. Such a pleasant surprise to get a baby girl.
  • Back to school-Cognitive

    Decided to go back for my BSN. Have an infant at home. going to take it one class at a time.
  • Period: to

    Middle Adulthood

    Psychosocial- Ericksons Generativity vs. Stagnation
    Caring for the next generation such as your children or helping other children by mentoring and teaching.
    Cognitive-skills improve. Adults better able to see both sides of an issue (problem) than with an adolescent could.
    Biosocial-Changes in appearance, senses and organs
  • Weight gain-Biosocial

    I can't seem to lose that last 10 lbs, It's so hard. My metablolism is so very slow. Not as easy to lose from when I was in my 20's.
  • Vision changes-Biosocial

    Oh my, sometimes I don't think my arm will be long enough to see the fine print. I found my near vision has really changed. Per my eye doctor, not quite ready for bifocals yet :)
  • 1st grey hair noted-biosocial

  • Volunteering at my childrens school-psychosocial

    I know that with this stage of development I wear a lot of hats with being a mother, wife, taxi driver, nurse, etc,.. But I wanted to also volunteer my time. Knowing I was giving back in some way. I signed up to be a Class Rep. for my son's class and joined the Parent Council. I've been able to help give back to the school.
  • Career- Cognitive

    I've become very experienced as an ER nurse. I've gained an intuition on picking up the negative signs of health before a life threatening event may happen. At the same time, I want to learn more and stay on top of current practice.
  • Son's graduation

    My son graduates from highschool. Bitter sweet.
  • Exercise and Activity- Psychosocial

    I remain active. I cook, clean and I'm able to continue with doing yard work. I continue to work but I've gone down to working part time. I'm a traveling nurse, so my husband and I can travel with most expenses paid for.
  • Late Adulthood

    Psychosocial-Erickson's Integrity vs. Despair
    Biosocial-diseases become more common and senses are declining
    Cognitive-Long term memory can remain well. Short term memory decreases.
  • Spiritual Gain-Cognitive

    I've become more spiritual and find myself going to church more frequently and volunteering my time with them.
    I love to spend time with my family and reminising when I was younger. I really don't feel my age.
  • Keeping Senescense low-biosocial

    I remain active and walk 2 miles a day. My blood pressure and cholesterol are where it's suppose to be. No medications needed at this time. I take my multivitamins every day and continue my lowfat high fiber diet. I had an ultrasound on my carotid arteries which showed 30% blockage. Not bad for my age. The doctors will continue to check on a yearly basis. My skin has become wrinkled, my face looks good for my age. People think I'm in my low 50's. Yeah for sunscreen.
  • Death and Dying

    Well I've made it to 90 years old. Deep down I knew I had a great chance. My health and mind have been good to me. I'm so blessed with how my life has gone. I've been able to see my children grow and become great adults and they too are experiencing what it's like to be a grand parent. I've gained so much wisdom and have loved passing on what I know. I had a great fullfilling career as a nurse. I have no regrets.
  • My Death

    My friend came to check on me as she always does and found me at peace in my bed with a hint of a smile on my face. A look that showed I was at peace. I had past away in my sleep. No pain or suffering. My spirit has left my body and has moved on to where ever that may be.